There are several aspects involved in starting, running, and growing a business. From getting the accounting details right to the headaches that stem from tax-season, and, of course, keeping customers satisfied while somehow simultaneously focusing on growth. It’s a lot for anyone to handle by themselves, which is often why successful startup entrepreneurs and small business owners have such strong teams assembled around them; it helps business leaders focus on big picture ideas and business growth while their teams handle the more minute details of the day-to-day operations. One such decision that needs to be made at the top and reinforced throughout the various channels of the organization is how to handle customer shipments and what the packaging of products will look like.

There are a plethora of options when it comes to commercial packaging solutions and a wide variety of factors to consider when choosing the right packaging partner for your business. One of the first things to consider is what types of products you shipping, how often you ship, and how big the shipments are.

No matter what, one thing is for certain: if you choose to go with custom packaging that features your own unique and creative branding, your customers will be even more thrilled when they see their packages arrive in the mail. Here are a few reasons why custom packaging is vital for your business.

Creates a Unique Unboxing Experience

Having custom mailers in which you can package your shipments is a great way to get the customer excited for your product as soon as they see it arrive. Customized mailers are a great packaging option because they will also help your products stand out in the mail, allowing customers to immediately recognize your brand’s shipments amidst anything else they may have ordered.

Not only that, but custom mailers can associate your brand with a unique unboxing experience that is unmatched anywhere else in the industry. Many consumers may seek this experience when purchasing from a business in today’s day and age as most modern consumers are specifically looking for a unique, creative, and exciting experience. By delivering a top-notch unboxing experience, you can effectively prioritize the customer experience all the way from the moment of purchase through the actual product delivery and opening.

This will be a memorable moment for the customer and will increase the likelihood that they make a repeat purchase from your brand or even become a regular customer. Lastly, by thoughtfully designing your custom mailer, you can enhance the visuals of your product altogether and make it an experience that the customer wants to share with others as well.

Reiterates Brand Identity and Brand Awareness

As mentioned above, when you take the time to design custom packaging for your brand, you’ll be able to effectively amplify your brand identity and the brand awareness in purchasing customers. This is because a customized package can feature your brand’s specific colors, logo, or other designs that will tell consumers immediately where the package is coming from before they even read the label or start to open it up.

Savvy businesses and organizational leaders know the value of brand exposure and awareness and will take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself in this way.

The Value of Sustainable Packaging

When brands opt for custom packaging, they also have more control over the construction of the packaging and what type of materials are involved in the shipments. This means that modern brands who recognize the importance of value-based-operations and sustainability can better connect with their consumers who share those same values by choosing to partner with a packaging brand that only uses sustainable materials.

This shows consumers a level of dedication to the climate crisis which is something a lot of brands are failing to do right now.

Promotes Social Media Engagement

As mentioned a little bit earlier, the unboxing experience that comes from a custom packaging design is one that many modern consumers find worth sharing. As such, if you take the time to carefully and thoughtfully design the unboxing experience, you can increase the likelihood that your customers post it to their social media accounts which is free word-of-mouth advertising for you and your business.

A Few Final Thoughts on Packaging

The packaging that businesses choose to work with matters a great deal, and its importance only scales right alongside the volume of shipments going out each month or year. Taking the time to design custom packaging that engages the consumer, reiterates your brand identity, and demonstrates a dedication to the environmental crisis with sustainable materials can elevate your brand and help your business soar.