Filipino Martial Arts can be called as one of the most effective and deadliest martial art forms in the world. The three forms of this martial art; Kali, Arnis, and Escrima focus on teaching weaponry and hands martial art techniques simultaneously. The principles applied in weaponry and hands are quite similar. We have provided in depth analysis about all the available “online professional course” as well.

Filipino martial art were popularized due to its association with the legendary actor Bruce Lee.  This form is taught with sticks which are generally 2 feet in length, knives and many other small weapons that are easy to pick and attack an intruder. List of the martial arts are many benefits associated with this form.

Filipino Martial Arts
Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts – Benefits

  • Burn Calories – The best part about this art is that you can burn calories much more than a gym workout session. This form will also strengthen your arm muscles.
  • Self DefenceThis arts is a very good form of self-defense. People have been learning this form for centuries to prevent themselves from criminal activities.
  • Confidence – Feeling strong from inside can boost your confidence level. You will feel more confident to face the challenges coming your way.
  • Mental Discipline and Focus – The martial arts schools include intensive training sessions that improve concentration powers of a person. It demands a high level of mental discipline from the learner.

Filipino martial arts – Interesting Facts

  • Sticks serve an extension to your hands. Sticks play a vital role in this martial art form. Any session is incomplete with a pair of sticks.
  • The Filipino martial art form first tech the weapon techniques first and then shift to empty hand techniques. The main reason being the weaponry is given first priority here.
  • This is the best practical fighting form in the world. The weapons used in this form cover all the four directions from which an attack takes place. They cover all the combat techniques like short range, long range, etc.
  • This martial art is suitable for every age group. Children over the age of 6 years can start learning Filipino martial art techniques with the help of non-dangerous weapons and sticks.

Filipino martial arts schools – Best Schools in the USA

  1. Filipino Martial Arts Academy, California – This academy can help you in developing self-control, self-confidence, character development, awareness, and self-defense skills. The trainers use scientific methods against impact weapons and disarming.
  2. Anderson’s Martial Art Academy, New York – This is a premier Filipino martial art training academy covering all the martial art forms that include self-defense, competition, and combat. World class training is offered to people from different age groups.
  3. San Diego’s Filipino Martial Art School, San Diego – The main aim of this academy is to teach the best martial art techniques to its students in order to make then strong and confident to face real-life challenges. Escrima is taught here which is known for its lighting fast movements with or without weapons.
Filipino martial arts schools
Filipino martial arts schools

If you are inclined towards learning different martial art forms, then Filipino martial art should definitely be one of them. It is essential to understand the basics of this form like stances, strikes, footwork, twirling, and Sinawalis. You will also require equipment like rubber escrima sticks, hard escrima sticks, and a training knife. For more details about this amazing Filipino martial arts schools form, contact XXXX. To know more about top medical schools online, kindly visit our homepage and know the full details.