Counseling is a good career path, but you might be wondering whether or not being a counselor is the path for you. Counseling is a uniquely positioned profession where you must serve as a confidante, a guide, and an advisor. People of all ages need support and guidance in their lives.

However, mental, emotional, and behavioral problems and disorders need the professional expertise of counselors. Counselors are qualified professionals trained to help individuals and their families deal with difficult conditions & situations. As a result, counselors become important figures in the lives of many.

If you want a career that will offer a high salary and comfortable work that makes you feel good about your profession, you should study counseling.

What is a Counselor?

Counselors are trained experts who help people get through tough situations in their lives. Therapy is the tool used by counselors to help people. However, other methods and procedures are utilized to help clients get through the hardships in life.

Counselors can be experts in specific fields such as education, addiction, marriage, or family problems. The education and training of the counselors depend on the area of practice that they choose. All the specialization fields hold the same value. However, it would help you decide which niche seems the most appropriate.

To make up your mind, you need answers to two questions; how long does it take to be a counselor? And why should you become a counselor? Simply put, the time it takes for a person to become a counselor depends on the requirements & conditions of the degree you will be pursuing. The degree for becoming a counselor will take just about as much time as it is needed for any other degree. However, there are countless reasons you should study and become a counselor.

6 Reasons to Study Counseling:

Let’s look at the main reasons you should study counseling and become a counselor.

1. Making a difference

Perhaps the most important reason to study counseling is that you can make a difference in people’s lives for good. Working with NGOs and other organizations can allow counselors to bring about a large-scale change that will improve the well-being of many.

2. Flexible work hours

Flexibility in terms of work hours can be very beneficial in a career. A great benefit of being a counselor is that your work hours will be flexible. This advantage means that as a counselor, you can have a part-time job and lead a comfortable personal life that isn’t disrupted due to tough work hours.

3. Helping people overcome addictions

Counselors work with victims of substance and drug abuse disorder and their families to help them overcome their addictions. Addiction of any sort ruins not only the addict’s life but also those related to them or around them.

Helping people fight their addictions will allow you to make society a better place. Ultimately, your contribution to the world will be invaluable.

4. Rewarding career

Counseling is considered to be one of the most rewarding careers. This viewpoint is true because you see the positive changes in your clients’ lives. Such positive change in an individual’s life leads to a change in the entire community & society. Experiencing such positive growth can make you feel happy, satisfied, and content with your professional & personal life.

5. Work options

As a professional counselor, you can work with various profit & non-profit organizations. Your professional expertise and experience can be quite diverse, and you easily progress from the role of a general counsel to a specialist. In the corporate world, you can work in countless organizations that require the services and skills of a counselor.

Hence, counseling is a career that is not limited in scope and options.

6. High salaries

According to Indeed, the average salary of a counselor is $90,822 annually. If the average salary is so good, if you get to work with a good organization and work hard, you will be able to earn a lot more than this.

Counseling is a career that pays off very well.


All of the reasons we talked about indicate that counseling is an amazing career. The opportunities for growth and scaling in a counseling career are endless. The work that you will do as a counselor will lead to better lives for your clients.

Not many careers focus on changing the world for good and offer a good salary, flexible work hours, and opportunities for growth within the career field and service to society. Counseling has got it all, making it a perfect degree to study.