EL Education is one of the leading non-profit agencies working in the field of K12 education to meet the challenge of improving student achievement across a diverse section of schools in different communities. Outbound USA and The Harvard Graduate School of Education joined hands in 1991 to set up a new model of schooling called Experiential Learning (EL), now known as EL Education. Their journey began with money from New American Schools – a federal initiative that grants funding to only 1% of the proposals it receives. We have provided in depth analysis about all the available bachelor program as well.

By 1996, EL Education courses had gained popularity and were being taught in several schools in the US. Those who are interested in best colleges for military ,please visit best online colleges for military

el education
EL Education

EL Education- Guidelines& Review

Parents, teachers, and policymakers across the US are looking for ways to fix a schooling system that isn’t doing justice to a large number of students. Filling up this gap is where EL Education steps in by providing alternative teaching methodologies.

They provide teachers with tools to impact students’ achievements and make them self-motivated learners who are primed for success in all walks of life at an early age. You may also visit el education reviews for any review and queries.

At network schools that teach EL Education courses, students are challenged to think critically and actively participate in the classroom and community, resulting in an overall increase in achievement levels. Those who wants to continues their education, please check continuing education

Guiding Principles

The framework of this particular pedagogy built by experts from Harvard University is defined by courage, compassion, and teamwork. It further functions based on ten guiding principles which are explained as follows –

  1. The importance of self-discovery which understands that learning happens best when teamed with challenges, emotions, and the necessary support.
  2. Encouraging creative thinking and having wonderful ideas
  3. Building an environment where students take responsibility for their learning
  4. Promoting a culture of empathy and care
  5. Working towards a system where success and failure are considered equally important and students learn as much from their successes as from their failures. One may also check for cheap online colleges without application fee
  6. Equally emphasizing collaboration and competition by integrating individual and collective development to value friendships and teamwork. Students are taught early on to compete not against their peers but their own achievements and become better individuals with each passing day.
  7. Focusing on creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment that is rich with ideas, creativity, and increased problem-solving abilities.
  8. The program also stresses maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship with the natural world which teaches students about the flow of life, recurrence of cycles, and the principles of cause and effect.
  9. Both learners and educators are encouraged to spend time in solitude and reflection to understand their thoughts, generate ideas and form connections. One may also visit easiest bachelor degree to get online
  10. The program instills students with a spirit of service and compassion not only towards their peers and teachers but also towards their communities, society, and the world as a whole.
El Education Curriculum
El Education Curriculum

El Education Curriculum – Structure and Defining Characteristics

At the heart of the Education curriculum across all grades lies its unique hour-long modules. Each grade level comprises four modules covering content for the entire school year. The modules help students develop a better understanding of key topics in science, social studies, and literature. You may also check for el education curriculum

The entire curriculum has been developed after extensive research and in consultation with former and current public school teachers and experts in education standards and pedagogy. The curriculum design is guided by eight defining principles which are as follows –

  1. Inclusion and Equity: Children deserve a method of teaching that takes into account their unique talents; recognizes their strengths while improving on their weaknesses; gives them a fair chance to perform well and helps them become individuals who bring about positive change in the world. This is what El Education aims to achieve with its curriculum that takes into account every students’ needs.
  1. Integrated Social and Emotional Learning: Research has demonstrated that social and emotional learning progress in tandem with academic learning. The curriculum has been designed with this in mind and encourages students to be ethical individuals and responsible citizens besides being good learners.
  1. Substantive, Knowledge-Rich Content: Research has proven that the better, in-depth knowledge of a topic or subject a student has, the better they can comprehend what they read and speak and write about it. The curriculum includes advanced reading material and complex texts which push students to expand their minds beyond the essential grade-level texts.
  1. Open Educational Resource (OER): The organization sincerely believes that every student and educator should have unhindered access to quality learning and high standards of teaching materials. Keeping with this vision, all the curriculum is available for free download on the website. This promotes increased access and significantly reduced EL Education costs. One may also check the details for cheap and best colleges for learning, so please visit best and cheap online colleges
  1. Ownership of Learning: From the very onset, students are encouraged to be active participants and have a say in their learning process. With the teacher’s assistance, they talk about their learning goals for every lesson, determine their targets, do self-assessments, and receive feedback from peers and educators, to improve. One may also search for top 10 accredited online colleges, for their ease.
  1. Curriculum as Professional Development: Constantly delivering high-quality instructions and teaching to the students at various levels to the best of one’s abilities can be extremely challenging for educators. The EL Education curriculum is designed to ease this process and help teachers plan lessons such that they are easy to understand for every student. This also helps teachers, both veterans and new, work on their skills. You may also check for credit hours ,please check details cheapest online college per credit hour
  1. The Science of Reading: With research constantly emphasizing the need for advanced reading, the curriculum ensures the inclusion of rich literary texts at all levels including a special program for K2 learners.
  1. Adherence to Standards: Special care is taken to ensure the curriculum meets standards set by pedagogy experts. The creators are also always open to critical reviews and feedback that help improve the program.
El Education Materials
El Education Materials

El Education Materials – Significance and Model

To make their vision of high student achievement and engagement a reality, EL Education partners with schools across the spectrum and provides helpful resources for teachers across the country. Districts, schools, or educators who have implemented this curriculum in its entirety or parts have reported marked changes and significant improvement in their students.

This is made possible by sustained focus on five key aspects of learning and instruction which are –

  1. A real world program
  2. Engaging Instructional Methods
  3. Learning assessment
  4. Culture of respect
  5. Effective leadership

To further expand upon these points, they can be understood as –

  1. A Real World Program: The curriculum is designed in such a way that lessons come alive for students in a real-world context, meaning they can apply their learning to what the observe in the world around them. Students are encouraged to think like professionals through projects, case studies, fieldwork, etc. One may also check the details for most affordable graduate schools
  1. Engaging Instructional Methods: Classrooms using this pedagogy come alive with discussions, interactive exchanges, debates, critical thinking, and collaboration. The teachers talk less and the students talk more. Every lesson has a clear purpose and learning targets in which students take the responsibility of achieving.
  1. Learning Assessment: Students are encouraged to continually assess themselves and make improvements in their work through learning models, self-reflection, peer feedback, and teachers’ assistance. This builds in them a sense of ownership towards their education and drives achievement by making them focus on achieving learning targets. You may also check best online paralegal certificate program
  1. A Culture of Respect: This program aims to bring about change by creating a culture where every individual is respected and held in high esteem. An effort is made to know and care for every student, nurture their talents, and celebrate their achievement and contributions. Both teachers and students receive support to perform well and become better individuals than they ever thought possible.
  1. Effective Leadership: Leadership in partner schools is not limited to an individual or a specific team. Instead, it’s a collective responsibility expected of everybody at all times. The leadership vision is trained on student achievement and all activities are aligned with that purpose. For extra curriculum activities like computer courses please visit el education Powerpoints

Educator and Institutional Participation

If you are a teacher who wishes to introduce experiential learning in your classroom and are worried about EL Education costs, you’d be glad to know that most of their teaching tools are available for free download. Moreover, a nominal $35 fee grants you access to premium content and more extensive resources. To acquire more knowledge ,having interest to learn more, please see el education resources

Schools looking to revolutionize the entire curriculum and teaching system can go on to earn an EL Education accreditation. All they need to do is fill out an application to become a partner and once selected, receive all the support and training from EL Education.

The organization works with a vast range of public schools right from pre-Kindergarten till 12th Grade. Partners implement the core practices of a period of 4-6 years and this has historically been proven to drastically improve student performance. They receive continued support in the form of resources, books, teaching aids, help with curriculum planning, etc.

The organization also arranges seminars, orientations, and teacher training programs at regular intervals to ensure new as well as veteran educators are abreast of research-backed, improved methods of teaching. While teachers can individually sign up for these programs, those employed at schools with EL Education accreditation enjoy full access. One may also check for logos & related details in this link el education logo

For schools and educators looking to sincerely improve their students’ performance, the El Education system is the way to go. To find out more about how you can partner with the program or incorporate their methods into your daily classroom teaching, visit their website, or write them an email and see changes happen like never before. For further assistance, please contact us. You may visit our home page Online Schools Near Me for Doubts and Queries.