Drexel Medical School : Drexel University College of Medicine or as it is more commonly known as Drexel School is one of the largest private medical schools within the country. It was founded in 1848 and has been a pillar of excellence for the last 150 years. It is situated in East Falls Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can get all your desired information about online medical school

Throughout its existence, Drexel Medical School has been at the forefront of medical research and advancements. Even today, it stands tied at a respectable 83rd position in the list of best medical schools and number 2 for the most applied medical school. But what makes it such a behemoth in the medical school’s fraternity?

Well, that is what we are here to discuss today. Apart from that, we will also be looking into a few other things such as Drexel Medical School costs, Drexel Medical School courses, etc. And since we are talking about the colored history of the school, it makes sense to talk about Medical School accreditation as well.

Drexel medical school
Drexel medical school

Drexel Medical School courses

Starting with the 2017-2018 school year, the MD program progressed into a novel educational plan known as Foundations and Frontiers. Intended to prepare doctors that are skilled at exploring the inexorably multidisciplinary social insurance arrangement of tomorrow, this new educational program included fundamental rising capabilities.

The course includes a wide array such as comprehension of populace health, healthcare informatics, and human services systems, and financing

To encourage a more prominent feeling of network first-year medical students are separated into six learning social orders dependent on nearby famous milestones:

  • Athenaeum
  • Liberty Bell 
  • Physick House
  • Rocky Statue 
  • Reading Terminal 
  • Eakins House

As you can see, there is quite a lot of variation on offer at Drexel Medical School. This is because it is partnered with many other schools within the province which allows it to offer a number of these offbeat courses together. To give you a better example of this, here are a few examples –

  • MD/PhD- To provide this combination, the school has partnered with the Biomedical Graduate Studies program providing students to pursue both MD AND Ph.D. PROGRAMS.
  • MD/MPH- To provide this combination, the school has partnered with Drexel’s Dornsife School of Public Health to provide qualified students with a joint five- year program to pursue MD and Master of Public Health degrees,
  • MD/MBA- To provide this combination, the school has partnered with Drexel’s LeBow College of Business to provide a joint five-year degree.
  • MD/MS- The course provides a dual degree from Drexel University College of Medicine.

So, as you can see, there are several other side courses that you can apply for and get degrees while being enrolled with Drexel Medical School. This amount of flexibility and customization is what has made the school such a desirable place to study medicine in.

Now apart from the dual degree programs, the Ph.D. programs(MS/Ph.D.) on offer at the Drexel Medical School are as follows –


Apart from these, there are many Maters of Science Programs on offer are –


The Biomedical Science Program on offer are:


One thing to note here is that despite the options for all of these courses, there is one option that is provided by the Drexel medical school. That option is the ability to study online. The college also provides various online courses in graduate and certificate programs:

Graduate Programs (MS)

  • Biomedicine and Business
  • Biomedicine and Entrepreneurship
  • Biomedicine and Law
  • Clinical Research for Health Professionals
  • Clinical Research Organization and Management
  • Drug Discovery and Development  
  • Immunology  
  • Infectious Disease  
  • Master of Laboratory Animal Science  
  • Molecular Medicine 

Certificate Programs

  • Certificate of Study in Clinical Research
  • Quantitative Principles for Clinical Research Certificate

With that being said, we believe we have given you an exhaustive list of the courses on offer. For individual course specialization, you will need to ask the college about it for the availability of the course. However, the more common and popular ones are readily available. So with that in mind, let us talk about the next logical thing one might ask about.

Drexel university medical school
Drexel university medical school

Drexel university medical school – costs


  • Tuition-$58,978
  • University Fees-$1,738
  • Disability Insurance- $51
  • Oriental Fees-$109
  • Loan Origination Fee- $452
  • Books – $1,250
  • Computer & iPad- $1,190
  • Instruments & Equipment -$200
  • Health Insurance- $2,697
  • Personal-$1,680
  • Room & Board-$14,570
  • Transportation-$2,000

2nd Year

  • Tuition-$58,978
  • University Fees-$1,702
  • Disability Insurance- $51
  • Loan Origination Fee- $476
  • Books – $300
  • Health Insurance- $2,697
  • Personal-$1,848
  • Room & Board-$16,027
  • Transportation-$2,200
  • Step 1 USMLE Exam- $645
  • Step 2 USMLE review materials-$500

3rd YEAR

  • Tuition-$58,978
  • University Fees-$1,702
  • Disability Insurance- $51
  • Loan Origination Fee- $499
  • Books – $500
  • Health Insurance- $2,697
  • Personal-$2,016
  • Room & Board-$16,027
  • Transportation-$4,182
  • Step 2 CK USMLE Exam-$645
  • Step 2 CS USMLE review material-$500
  • Step 2 USMLE review materials- $500
  • NBME Clinical Self-Assessment Subject Exam -$300

4th YEAR

  • Tuition-$58,978
  • University Fees-$1,702
  • Disability Insurance- $51
  • Loan Origination Fee- $476
  • Books – $500
  • Health Insurance- $2,697
  • Personal-$1,848
  • Room & Board-$16,027
  • Transportation-$3,899
  • Residency Interviews- $4,000

There are many other miscellaneous fees involved as well. The total cost of education comes at around 100,000 USD per year. You can visit here medical assistant classes cost

The tuition fee, Room and board charges, and transportation charges increase by 3% every year.

However, it is also worth mentioning that the costs can skyrocket due to increased demand. On the other hand, the costs can nosedive as well due to little demand. So, to cut it short, ask the college administration about the costs before applying. The costs can change at the last minute.

Financial Aid Programs:

From the above-mentioned costs, it is fairly obvious that the cost of education at Drexel Medical School is pretty steep. As a result, it stands to reason that not everyone can afford it outright. However, there are several provisions in place through which several less fortunate pupils can find means to educate themselves at the college.

To begin, Drexel university medical school in itself offers several institutional scholarships and loans to its students. The eligibility criterion for these funds is structured solely around the economic condition of the student in question. 

The College regulates a variety of programs that offer loans, awards, and work opportunities. To be considered for financial aid, students must present the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The data from the FAFSA takes care of into a financial model utilized by the government to ascertain every student’s and family’s commitment to costs. 

With this data, Drexel Central decides the distribution of funds, a large portion of which are advances from government and state programs. Restricted grants are accessible from the College of Medicine and private establishments. Private-source advances can be arranged. Numerous students exploit employments through the work-study program.

There are a number of other ways through which the students can reduce their financial burden. However, these loans and scholarships are subject to the availability of funds. So chances of it falling through and ruining your plans are there. Another thing to note about these programs is that these are subject to revision.

So, if you are availing a loan or a scholarship through one of these means, then do be sure to check the conditions being set up on you. For more information about Drexel medical school, it is advisable that you look them up that the school website itself. It will give you a clearer picture of everything there is to know about these terms and conditions.


The medical school has the following accreditations:

The Drexel university medical school is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to give proceeding with medical instruction to doctors.

So, as you can see, the Drexel medical school has all the relevant accreditation required to function. These accreditations mean that the school is at the pinnacle of both its course material and research. If you are looking for the best possible education, then this school has the organizational backing to show for it.

Drexel university
Drexel university

Drexel university –How to apply

To apply with the drexel medical school, there are several ways through which one can apply. However, due to the current global pandemic, the school is only accepting online applications. Based on the criterion set for eligibility, students will be selected and called up for interviews.

To apply, visit the American Medical Application Service (AMAS) and fill in your primary application. Once that has been accepted, you will be sent a secondary application form. After that, there will be several interviews and other formalities that will need to be filled.

At the point when the College of Medicine gets your materials from AMCAS (after your application is confirmed), it will email you the connection for the secondary application. If you don’t mind note that it can take as long as about fourteen days for the candidate to receive Drexel secondary application after the primary application has been confirmed by AMCAS. 

Complete the application and pay the non-refundable application expense of $100 with a credit card. Just those candidates accepting an expense waiver from AMCAS will have their application fee waived. The College of Medicine’s cut off time for receipt of your secondary application, expense, and every single supporting material is February 1 for the 2021 application year.

The CASPer Test

The CASPer test contains 12 areas of video and written situations. Following every situation, the candidate will be required to answer a lot of testing inquiries under a period contract. The test normally takes between 75-an hour and a half to finish. 

Every reaction is reviewed by an alternate rater, giving an extremely hearty and solid perspective on close to home and expert qualities critical to the medical program. No reading is required for CASPer, although the candidate may want to familiarize himself with the test structure at the CASPer website and ensure you have a quiet environment to take the test. 

We emphatically ask you to exploit the 12-area practice test, which won’t just submerge the candidate in the test condition, yet will likewise guarantee that the candidate meets the specialized necessities to get to and complete the test.

CASPer Test score

•All applicants applying to McGovern Medical School are required to complete an online assessment, Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics (CASPer), to assist the college with the election cycle.

•CASPer is an online test that assesses non-cognitive skills and interpersonal characteristics that the college believes are important for successful students and graduates.

•To take CASPer, students will be responsible for securing access to a laptop or desktop computer with webcam and audio capabilities. Students are required the following for both account creation and taking the test:

– Government-issued photo ID

–Valid email address

–Working webcam

–Working microphone

–Reliable high-speed internet connection

CASPer Cycle is only valid for one admission cycle. The eligible student will have to retake it for another year.

Recommendation letter

Candidates whose school or college has a pre-medical advisory group ought to send a pre-proficient board of trustee’s letter or a composite letter of suggestion, which ought to incorporate science and non-science educators. If this is not possible, the candidates must send letters from up to four people who hold school level scholarly arrangements from two science zones and one non-science region. 

On the off chance that candidates are not, at this point ready to make sure about the above letters, (for example, the candidate has been out of school for a couple of years), the college will also acknowledge letters from people who can furnish target assessments and with whom the candidate has had an ongoing professional relationship.


The MCAT is required. The College of Medicine will acknowledge MCAT scores from two years before the application year. For 2021 candidates, the college will audit MCATs no more established than 2018. The college survey all MCAT scores. However, are particularly inspired by the latest. the college doesn’t consider “best of” scores, however, take a gander at the scores from every test. 

Drexel medical school will acknowledge scores through the last date in 2020 that the MCAT was offered for the 2021 application year. January scores are not considered for candidates applying for the 2021 entering class, except if the candidate has been met and hold up recorded.

Deadline for Supporting Material

Every supporting material must be provided to the College of Medicine by February 1 for the 2021 application year.

Early Decision Applicants

Competitive candidates intrigued uniquely with regards to Drexel University College of Medicine are urged to apply through the AMCAS Early Decision Program. The cut-off time for early choice is August 30.

Important Dates for Application

Standard Application Process

•Filing of AMCAS application

June 1 to January 1

•Receipt by the Drexel medical school of applicant’s supporting materials

February 1

•Decision to applicants

October 15 until the class is filled

Early Decision Program

•Filing of AMCAS application

June 1 to August 1

•Receipt by the medical school of applicant’s supporting materials

August 30

•Decision to EDP applicants

October 1

Eligibility Criteria

The Drexel Medical School program is intended for students who need to go to Drexel’s MD program and have taken customary pre-med coursework and the MCAT before applying. Our common candidates include: 

  • Students from socially or monetarily impeded foundations 
  • Students who are underrepresented in healthcare callings 
  • Students who have MCAT scores in the 25th percentile or more noteworthy in each area and by and large 
  • Students who have undergrad science and generally GPAs of 2.9 or better 
  • Candidates who have a four-year college education from a certify U.S. establishment, or an international proportionate, and are a resident or permanent inhabitant of the U.S.

Drexel medical school admissions Requirement

In order to fulfill basic requirements, the candidates must:

  • Have a four-year college education from an authorized U.S. school or college or a global proportional. 
  • Be a resident or permanent inhabitant of the U.S. 
  • Have taken a year of biology, chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry, including respective laboratory sections. 
  • Potential candidates are emphatically urged to enroll in a class to study hereditary qualities, atomic science, organic chemistry, or other more elevated level science courses. It is viewed as an assortment of aesthetic sciences and sociology courses, for example, reasoning, morals, history, brain science, and different humanities classes. 
  • There is no base required GPA necessity, yet we like to see candidates with a 2.9 or better science and combined GPA. 
  • Have taken the MCAT. While the college doesn’t have a base required score, serious candidates have by and large scored in the 25th percentile or better in general, and in each area. 
  • A finished application incorporates MCAT scores, records, letters of assessment/suggestion, an article, and a $75 application expense. If you don’t mind see the application materials segment beneath for more data.

Drexel Medical School Reviews:

Drexel Medical School Reviews
Drexel Medical School Reviews

The overwhelming reviews for Drexel medical school admissions are positive in nature. This is also reflected in the aforementioned standing of the school in the fields of research and medicine. Apart from being academically excellent, the school also has a state-of-the-art facility available for its students. This allows the students to have the best equipment available to them during the duration of their course.

Drexel University College of Medicine looks for exceptionally qualified and inspired Students who exhibit the craving, knowledge, respectability, sound inspiration, and enthusiastic development to become phenomenal doctors. As a result of the school’s novel recorded foundation, it supports non-traditional candidates and is focused on a different student body. You can check details about in difference mcgovern medical school

The Drexel medical school perceives that various instructive encounter upgrades the training for all students and prompts extra ability in considering an inexorably different patient populace. 

It empowers applications from ladies, ethnic and racial minorities, first-generation college applicants, Pennsylvania and New Jersey occupants, LGBT people, veterans, rural, instructively burdened, monetarily distraught, and people who have earlier professions outside of medication. 

The Drexel medical school esteems authority, network administration, and clinical experience, just as achievements in games, business, and exploration. The objective is to enlist and instruct a class that will serve the necessities of various patient populace. Candidates must be U.S. residents or permanent citizens.

The only alleged drawback of the college is the high costs incurred during the course of your degree. These costs can be mitigated with the aforementioned scholarship and loans however even then, the costs won’t be completely covered and the student will have to provide for about half of it. So there is that to consider as well before applying.

Apart from the scholarship programs provided by the drexel medical school, you should also look at the state scholarships provided by the government of the united states and the state of Pennsylvania. It is necessary to have your options available and that no student is left out due to financial or economic problems.

Finally, to sum it all up, the medical school in question has built itself quite a name over the last 150 or so years. The school has garnered quite a good reputation due to its amazing faculty, campus, and lab facilities. However, do keep in mind that in case you want to avail of these tops of the line facilities, you will have to have top-notch grades and pay the top dollar as well.

So, in case you want to study at Drexel Medical School, then by all means you should go for it. It is one of the best medical schools out there. However, do keep in mind if you can or cannot afford it. And in case you have any more questions regarding the same, feel free to ask us. After all, we are here for you! you can visit here onlineshools.