Donate plasma for money near me – If you are looking for places to donate plasma for money near me, you have a good opportunity to earn some extra bucks in addition to your regular income. In fact, donating plasma is fast gaining popularity to earn some extra cash while helping somebody with a medical need. So, if you can keep aside two hours of your time at least once a month, you have a really unique opportunity to earn up to $400 extra money by donating your own plasma. One can also get  details at online medical school.

donate plasma for money near me

donate plasma for money near me

Donate plasma for money near me – Brief detail

Now the question is why do you get paid for donating plasma? Well, it is simply because plasma is used to create life saving products for blood disorders, and so it is sold to companies who formulate these products. Also, it is an effort taking and time consuming process. Therefore donors are compensated for their plasma and time.

How much money do I make to donate plasma near me?

An individual can earn in a range of $20 to $50 per donation depending on a number of factors such as:

  • Payment policy of donation center – Some centers are keen on paying more if you have a unique, high in-demand protein or are a frequent monthly donor.
  • If you are a first time donor – You get paid more for your first donation because it takes approximately two hours for your first donation because of the on boarding process. Following donations only require up to 90 minutes of your time–one hour in most instances–so you get paid less per donation.
  • How much plasma you can donate – Now how much plasma you can donate depends on your overall health. You must weigh at least a minimum of 110 pounds to donate plasma. A person weighing 180 pounds is able to donate more because FDA guidelines allow heavier people to donate more plasma. So you might earn less if you weigh less, as donation centers pay each donor based on the size of the donation.

Where can I donate plasma for money near me – List of  Centers 

The following is a list of places to donate plasma for money  where you can expect to make up to $50, on average, for your first donation.

  • B Positive: Located in Maryland and New Jersey, it pays more for each monthly donation. You are paid only $25 for your first donation each month and $45 for your eighth donation. All payments are made through points deposited on a B Positive Visa gift card. All donors get paid $50 for their first five donations within the first 30 days. They allow donors to donate twice per week with at least 24 hours between donations.
  • Biolife: They are present in 28 states. Payments are made through a Biolife prepaid debit card. The payment varies from center to center. Biolife gives you a bonus to come back for the second time later in the week. They pay up to $50 per donation.
  • CSL Plasma: They have donation centers in 35 states. They help a donor make money for donating plasma near me, up to $400 per month. A donor earns iGive points that can be redeemed for cash on a prepaid debit card. These iGive points can also be redeemed for merchandise instead of cash.
  • Grifols: It is a corporation of many plasma donation brands namely Biomat USA, Grifols, Plasmacare, Inc., Talecris. They pay up to $25 per donation or $200 per month. A donor can make extra money by referring friends.
  • Interstate Companies: It has 22 plasma donation centers located in 13 states. Maximum payment varies by location, but a donor can earn up to $50 for your first five donations, then $250 per month. So, here it was the list for the popular centers for your query on where can I donate plasma for money near me.

This is an overview of places to donate plasma for money. For more information one can also visit at Online schools, please fill up the following form and help us get in touch with you.