Criminal Justice Masters Programs offer extensive insight into the criminal justice system of the USA. The best part about going for online programs is, they offer flexibility, affordability, and quality. A master’s degree in criminal justice can open many lucrative job avenues for the deserving candidates. If you want all details about criminal justice, you may also go through law school for more information.

Students who wish to make it big in this sector, but have some concerns, can easily fulfill their aspirations through this online master’s in the criminal justice program. Online colleges can easily meet all these requirements and can offer affordable tuition rates and flexible internet classes. 

Students can attend the classes as per their convenience. These programs are designed to offer a comprehensive course structure that covers domains like criminal justice and crime. Students will also learn to evaluate various research-based information and use them in real-life case studies. 

This course covers the systemic, ethical, and reintegration aspects of the criminal justice system. It also covers the applications and theories related to Criminal Justice Masters Programs. The students will be taught to design research programs and perform quantitative and quantitative analyses. This will help them in handling the investigations efficiently.

Criminal Justice Masters Programs
Criminal Justice Masters Programs

Criminal Justice Masters Programs- Courses

Here are the common topics that are covered under this course

  • Analyzing Criminal Behavior
  • Criminal Justice Ethics
  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Criminal Justice Statistics
  • Research Methods
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Theories of Social Control
  • Policy Analysis
  • Correctional System
  • Applying Principles of Leadership in Organizational Environments
  • Judicial System
  • Terrorism
  • Law Enforcement

Students who are pursuing this course have to complete a research project, thesis, or internship. Moreover, they can focus their studies on a specific stream of this Programs. 

Online Criminal Justice Masters Programs – Specializations

This online program generally offers specializations like:

  1. Federal Law Enforcement
  2. Judicial Management
  3. Security Management
  4. Behavior Analysis
  5. Terrorism
  6. Homeland Security
  7. Strategic Management
  8. Forensics

Criminal justice masters programs: Is it worth your time?

A master’s degree could give you the edge you need to make a career shift in the criminal justice industry. Existing officers may earn career advancement with a master’s degree in criminal justice, and others that choose to enter the profession with a bachelor’s degree in any different stream can have the requisite preparation.

So, the answer to your question, whether criminal justice masters programs are worthwhile? Yes, they are. Here are the multiple reasons why pursuing such a degree is the best possible career decision you can take today.

Open Doors to a Wide Range of Career Possibilities

If you think a master’s degree in criminal justice is just for those who want to be cops, you’re wrong. There are a variety of jobs available in this sector, including several high-level positions. You can work or advance your leadership opportunities in the following designations for an MS in criminal justice:

Although this degree, combined with academy preparation and registration, makes it easier to serve as a police officer, it is not the only choice you have. You will continue to improve your career possibilities by pursuing an advanced degree and selecting the best concentration.

Boost Your Chances of Being Promoted

Irrespective of your profession, having a master’s degree increases the chances of being promoted, and law enforcement is no different.

When job opportunities come up, having an advanced degree puts you on the fast track. If you’re already involved in law enforcement and want to improve your chances of success, online criminal justice masters programs might be the way to go.

Become an expert in a specific field

Criminal justice undergrad degrees usually offer a general overview of the subject. A master’s degree allows you to focus on a certain niche or specialization.

  • You should obtain a master’s in Criminal Justice Administration, for example, if you want to leave the profession to serve in the administrative business.
  • Jobs with a master’s degree in criminal justice administration are usually less dangerous than jobs in the industry.
  • Jobs you get after completing your master’s in criminal justice also pay higher. 
  • Similarly, if you like the profession, you can receive an MS in criminal justice with a concentration in forensic work and continue doing what you do best in a leadership position.

There are several niches to consider in the field of law enforcement, including:

  • Cyber forensics
  • Administration
  • White-collar crimes 
  • Criminology

Let us discuss them in detail.

Cyber forensics 

Cyber forensics is a branch of law enforcement that investigates and prosecutes offenses committed on computers or across the internet. When cybercriminals get more sophisticated, this is a rapidly developing field with strong demand.


Professionals in administration serve to develop legislation to ensure that it is implemented correctly. This niche focuses on the justice system and how it responds to violence, rather than the crimes themselves or the people that commit them.

White color crimes

White-collar offenses are those committed by criminals who do not use violence. This may entail deception and embezzlement. Good detective skills are required by criminal justice practitioners who investigate this field.


This field focuses on the study of crimes and offenders, assisting students in comprehending why criminals commit crimes.

You will strengthen your ability to defend and support your society by earning criminal justice masters programs. Now, the decision is yours. Do you want to help secure society and its people?

Masters programs in criminal justice – Opportunities

Students pursuing this course can select from several career options, as per their skills and interests. Some might be interested in working as a detective or an agent, while others might prefer rehabilitative or counseling profiles. For further information about the career check our detailed analysis of criminal justice.

Surprisingly, many graduates might also aspire to join the education sector, to prepare the next generation of criminal justice professionals. The crux is, the Criminal Justice Masters Programs graduates have a penchant for fact-finding, research, and working with various professionals. Here are the primary career options for these graduates.

FBI Agent

These are the criminal justice professionals who are involved in investigating federal crimes. They solve complex cases by collecting evidence, analyzing data, conducting interviews, and coordinating with other team members.

FBI agents are also responsible to prepare reports on their findings and present them to the relevant authorities. Per year salary detail of an FBI agent is as below:

  • Entry Level – $52,000
  • Mid Level – $65,000
  • Experienced – $86,000
  • Late Career – $99,000

Professor of Criminal Justice

This is also a very popular career option for an online criminal justice master’s program graduate. These professionals work with universities, institutes, and colleges to teach about this discipline. 

They present lectures, prepare assignments and grade papers, and counsel students about promising career options. These professors are also involved in conducting crucial research in the field. How much do these professors earn per annum? Let’s have a look at their salary stats!

  • Entry Level – $60,000
  • Mid Level – $70,000
  • Experienced – $87,000
  • Late-Career –  $1,00,000

Forensic Computer Analyst

Network safety is a crucial aspect of Criminal Justice Masters Programs. The highly trained and qualified forensic computer analysts are responsible to secure the computer networks, eradicate corrupting files, and malware. 

They also teach their team members and colleagues about the importance of data security through intensive training sessions. Apart from this, these professionals are also responsible to submit periodic reports to their seniors regarding the ongoing security concerns. 

  • Entry Level – $59,000
  • Mid Level – $86,000
  • Experienced – $1,00,000
  • Late Career –  $99,000

Correctional Counselor

Correctional counselors are professionals who work directly with legal offenders. They are involved in developing goals and plans for the prisoners after their release. The prime motive of this process is to prevent them from repeating the crime. They maintain criminal histories, a threat to the society, and other details of the prisoners.

They counsel the inmates and help them get through their rehabilitation process smoothly. They also offer educational training and keep a check on their progress. A detailed and final report is then submitted to the authorities for further analysis. This profile is a bridge between the prison authorities and the prison inmates.

  • Entry Level – $34,000
  • Mid Level – $40,000
  • Experienced – $50,000
  • Late-Career –  $51,000

Criminal Justice Masters Programs OnlineEmployment Options

Here are some other promising employment options for Criminal Justice Masters Programs graduates.

  • Intelligence Operator
  • Policy Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Investigator
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Emergency Management Director
  • Forensic Examiner
  • Special Agents Like FBI, ATF, DEA, ICE
  • Federal Marshall
  • Criminal Profiler
  • Victim Advocate
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Sheriff
  • Court Officer
Masters Programs in Criminal Justice
Masters Programs in Criminal Justice

Masters Programs in Criminal Justice

Finding a good online college for pursuing a Criminal Justice Masters Programs course can be a daunting task. Here are some simple tips that will smoothen this process for you.

  • Make sure you check the recognition or accreditation of the online college you are applying for.
  • You should also research the faculty members who will take care of the concentrations.
  • Ensure you check the teaching platforms used by the online college. Select the one that uses advanced online teaching techniques.
  • You should select an online course that accommodates different learning needs and styles.

Whether you have completed your bachelor’s Criminal Justice Masters Programs or have experience in this field, an online master’s course can significantly improve your professional skills. 

Joining this profession offers many benefits to fresh graduates as well as seasoned professionals. Online courses are an effective medium to get in-depth knowledge about this industry at affordable rates. To know more than basic about criminal justice programs, you can visit our website Online school near me.