Criminal justice colleges in California offer different undergraduate as well as master’s programs in criminal justice that eventually help the aspirants to start off on a great career path. For some depth knowledge we have also provided law school online where you can find all the answers for your quires.

Criminal Justice Colleges In California
Criminal Justice Colleges In California

Criminal Justice Colleges In CaliforniaFacilitate Your Preparation for Success

What do colleges in California for criminal justice offer?
There is a continually rising demand for skilled and qualified criminal justices in California. Most of the universities and Criminal Justice Colleges in California offer on-campus as well as online course programs in criminal justice with varied degree options ranging from associate level to doctoral level for criminal justice jobs. So, in case you want to shape your career in law enforcement or private security, then you can opt for associate degree programs.

However, if you want a career in law enforcement management or the federal government, then you can choose the bachelor’s degree program. These colleges in California for criminal justice also offer advanced degree options that will help you to prepare for specialized career paths such as forensics, analytics, and criminal psychology.

What factors should you consider before joining? 

Before you start shortlisting criminal justice colleges in california you need to consider a lot of factors. These factors are very important and help you to determine and decide what college, what program, what field, and other similar important things. These factors are:

  • What is your school’s core focus? 

The college of your choice ideally should focus mainly on criminal justice

  • How popular is the criminal justice program among students of the institution? 

You need to find an institution where the population of students studying criminal justice is relatively high.

  • What is the school’s accreditation? 

The college must be regionally accredited or any college recognized as an accrediting body

Top Ranked Criminal Justice Schools

Top Ranked Criminal Justice Schools

Top Ranked Criminal Justice Schools

If you’re willing to shape your career in the growing field of criminal justice, then we recommend you to choose from accredited campus-based learning programs and other online degree programs that are offered here at these best criminal justice colleges in California.

  1. California State University, Los Angeles: This renowned colleges in California for criminal justice offers some of the best criminal justice degree programs to aspiring students. You can pursue a BS or an MS in criminal justice and learn the fundamentals of criminal justice majors. The criminal justice faculty at CSU are active researchers with strong knowledge in forensics, juvenile justice, ethics, statistics, and contemporary criminal procedures.
  2. California State University, Fullerton: CSU Fullerton is one of the best Criminal Justice Colleges in California, and it is popular for its BA degree course program in criminal justice. This 120 credit hour program includes all major courses on various essential topics such as criminal justice research, crime, and delinquency, optional criminal justice internships, etc. The California State University also allows the aspiring criminal justice students to join the department’s criminal justice students’ association and enhance their knowledge.
  3. Ashford University: This top-rated private university offers 2 criminal justice degree programs to all aspiring candidates and helps them to shape their career in this field. In the year 2016, more than 850 students completed their graduation and earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice through this criminal justice college in California.
  4. California State University, Long Beach: CSU Long Beach’s department of criminal justice offers bachelor’s as well as master’s degree programs in criminal justice, thereby helping all aspiring candidates to become learned criminal justices. CSU Long Beach also offers various career-focused certificate course programs that help the students’ career to prosper in the field of criminal justice.
  5. San Diego State University: SDSU is a large public university and one of the best Criminal Justice Colleges in California that offers 2 different criminal justice programs alongside enabling the students to earn a bachelor’s degree in this field and become professionals.    
  6. San Jose State University: Located in San Jose one of the largest cities in California. It ranks 48th out of 116 colleges on the basis of quality. Graduates from this college make 4,500 USD more than students from other criminal justice colleges in California.
  7. Sonoma State University: A moderately populated public school in the suburbs of Rohnert Park. Despite that, it has a respectable rank of 58 in the state of California. Moreover, it has 80+ graduates per year.

    Online and on-campus criminal justice programs

    Students also have the option to both online and on-campus programs while pursuing criminal justice. Some of the top criminal justice colleges that offer such programs are: 

  • Cabrillo College (Aptos)
  • Barstow Community College (Barstow)
  • Brandman University (Irvine)
  • California Baptist University (Riverside)
  • Alliant International University (San Diego)

California for a career in criminal justice

California is the USA’s biggest state on the basis of population. On top of that, the state is also the world’s eighth-largest economy. So if you are looking for any service career California is one of the best places. Moreover, for a career in the justice system, California provides great career growth and ample compensation.

As the prisons of the state roughly house 158,000 people excluding county jails and federal or military prisons. California also shares its border with Mexico at the busiest crossing of the world, the Tijuana border crossing. The state also is the host to numerous military bases, national parks, forests, and many other federal institutions. 

All these institutions are full of opportunities for graduates from criminal justice colleges in California. Even the police departments in California now are demanding more and more highly qualified officers. These college graduate officers are even compensated way higher.  

Compensation for a job as criminal justice 

Compensation for a job as criminal justice

Compensation for a job as criminal justice

In the state of California, the average annual salary for a service professional is way higher than in other states of the country at 53,970 USD. Hence, the graduates of criminal justice colleges in california ordinarily get really good starting packages. Many even earn around 30,000 USD within a few years of graduation. 

Some of the recent employment statistics for criminal justice graduates are:

  • Correctional Officers and Jailers: 

Employed personnel: 34,640, Average annual wage: 69,040 USD

  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators:

Employed personnel: 12,390, Average annual wage: 97,000 USD

  • Police and Sheriss’s Patrol Officers:

Employed personnel: 70,930, Average annual wage: 93,550 USD

By now, you have collected a so much information about the topic that you can easily make your decision from where and in which college you want to choose for criminal justice in California. But if you have still any doubts or query than feel free to ask us. As you know Criminal Justice Colleges in California offer a wide range of criminal justice degrees and certification programs, and if you want to learn more about them in details, then please contact us by filling the form that is provided below.

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