Criminal justice bachelor degree jobs includes potential salaries, projected job growth, and common duties. Criminal justice refers to a system in which a society maintains law and order, controls crime, and keeps the life of citizens safe and secure. A career in criminal justice is a very challenging one but once you get familiar with all the laws and procedures; you can easily accomplish it. With that being said check out law school for more information.

There are a lot of opportunities in this career. We will guide you towards various bachelor degree courses and the Criminal Justice Major degrees offered by colleges. 

Criminal justice bachelor degree jobs
Criminal justice bachelor degree jobs

Criminal justice bachelor degree jobs : Majors

There are different majors that you can take in your criminal justice education. Here are the Criminal Justice Majors that you can opt for. 

  • Law Enforcement– This is one of the most widely known Criminal Justice Major. People who aspire to become police officers and detectives should choose this major. Moreover, a person in Law Enforcement can also work as a sheriff, warden, or a conservation officer. 
  • Criminology- Majoring in Criminology will help the students to know about the social and psychological reasons behind crime. They will be able to get a deep insight into the crime world. Criminology subjects include Psychology, Sociology, etc.
  • Corrections- A major in Corrections will help you in getting jobs as Correctional Officers in country, state, and federal offices. You can also become a Parole Officer. 
  • Rehabilitation– In Rehabilitation major, you will study the rehabilitation of criminals, substance abuse, working of prisons, etc. You can choose Substance Abuse Counselor among Criminal justice bachelor degree jobs and try to bring in a change among drug victims. 
  • Law- To become a Criminal Lawyer and to begin practice in court, the person must possess a bachelor’s degree in law. You will study about criminal and civil law, business law, protocols, and the government system. It is recommended to do a master’s in law so that you can enhance your skills in the legal field.
  • Paralegal– Paralegals are assistants to Lawyers, Attorneys, and Government agencies.  Paralegals are of various types ranging from business to immigration. A major in paralegals is a good option for those who are serious about taking paralegal jobs in the future. If interested check for free online paralegal courses.
  • Social Work– Social workers are employed by state, federal, and private corporations. To become a social worker, a person should have a degree in Criminal justice and he/she should have some experience of social work. Social workers work over many issues ranging from human rights, care of children in foster care to issues of drug and substance issues. 

So depending upon your goal, you should select your Criminal Justice Major. Make sure to properly research your choice and opt for only that one that deeply interests you. You can also look for colleges that offer criminal justice.

Bachelor degree in criminal justice jobs
Bachelor degree in criminal justice jobs

Bachelor degree in criminal justice jobs

There are a lot of criminal justice bachelor degree jobs for those who have just graduated with a Criminal Justice degree. Here we will look at the various criminal justice associates degree jobs you can take up after attaining your certification at the graduate level.

State and Federal Courts

There are many opportunities for bachelor degree holders in courts. In the initial years, you would not be able to get too much involved in the courtroom action but you can get some other posts like bailiff, court clerk, criminal law supervisor, family law mediator, court operations specialist.

Law Enforcement jobs

Law enforcement officers include Deputies, Sheriffs, and Police Inspectors, etc. The salary ranges from $26000 to $49000 depending upon the experience in this field. Although the law enforcement jobs do not demand a bachelor’s degree, if you hold a bachelor’s degree, select this job profile from Criminal justice bachelor degree jobs. Furthermore, police department regulations often require a bachelor’s degree for advancement to the posts of sergeant and lieutenant. 


You can get a job in Forensics with a Criminal Justice degree, but you will also have to do courses in the sciences. A combination of these can lead you to great heights in your career. The salary for people working in forensics is very high. There are many positions in forensics such as Ballistics Specialist, Crime Scene Investigator, DNA Analyst, Criminologist, etc. One of the demanding job profiles in Criminal justice bachelor degree jobs. Work in this field requires familiarity with the microscope and the Interview room.

Teacher or Trainer

Teaching and Training are great career options. There are less work pressure and good pay.  Criminal Justice graduates possess skills such as decision-making skills, knowledge of various issues, the ability to make coherent presentations. These skills can be used to a great extent in the teaching profession. There are a huge number of jobs that demand a combination of law enforcement and teaching. There is a huge demand for an Instructor and Curriculum specialist. 

Probation Officer

Many Criminal justice graduates choose a career in a specialized branch of law enforcement that operates prisons, jails, and probation agencies. Probation Officers are always on the front lines of the criminal justice bachelor degree jobs regularly. A career in Probation offers a lot of unparalleled opportunities. The average salary of a probation Officer is $40,000 per annum. 

Private Security

Private Businesses depend a lot upon the private security guards to safeguard their business and prevent money loss. They are also hired by government agencies. A private security guard encounters a lot of diverse things in his life. It is a risky business but there are a lot of jobs in this line. According to the Bureaus of Labor Statistics, more than a million Americans are employed in this sector. One of the easiest among Criminal justice bachelor degree jobs.

Legal Assistant

This has become a great career option for those who want to avoid the time and expense of attending a major law degree. There is a huge demand for Legal Assistants in law firms. They perform various tasks such as handling documents, maintaining files and records, assisting clients in paperwork, and performing legal research. The pay is quite reasonable.  You can also go through masters in criminology jobs for more information.

Criminal Justice careers and salaries
Criminal Justice careers and salaries

Criminal Justice careers and salaries

So, here we got few best career options in Criminal justice bachelor degree jobs for those who want to make a career in the field of Criminal Justice. As you can see, there is plenty of scope in this career and if you grind yourself in, you can have a fabulous career. The more you go through the more career options you get. We list also careers by salary, ranking them from highest to lowest pay rates.

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