Colleges with Game Design Majors – Professional Courses

Colleges with Game Design Majors covers subjects likes computer programming, creative writing, and graphic design. Game design is the study of all the aspects involved in making video games. Game designers visualize and create the characters, plots, rules, environments, and interfaces for video games. Designing a video game is very different from playing one. professional development course can help to place a vital role and can be a very good career option.

An interest in playing video games doesn’t necessarily mean you’d like designing them. A game designer should have technical and creative skills. One needs to be skilled in math, art, and writing to be a proficient game designer. Most of the colleges with game design majors offer a degree in Game Design colleges near me while some allow students to study game design, but they get a degree in fields such as computer science or interactive media in top video game design colleges near me for Video game design degree.

colleges with game design majors

colleges with game design majors


Colleges with Game Design Majors – Masters in Game Design

Masters in game design can be of two types: Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) focusing on creativity, aesthetics and project development, Master of Science focusing on technical parts like coding and software development. As the gaming industry is a competitive industry, masters degree can place you a mark above the rest. A master degree holder can become any one of the following

  •   Graphic designer
  •   Computer programmer
  •   Multimedia Artist/Animator
  •   Computer Network Architect

 Gaming Colleges – List

  1. University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA): It offers masters programs in interactive media and game design. Being located in close proximity to Hollywood, it has a number of famous alumni nominated.
  2.     University Of Pennsylvania: It is an Ivy League University located in Philadelphia. University offers a Masters in Computer Graphics and Game Technology that incorporates art, technology, and computer science. This college with game design major is known for its research in 3D computer graphics.
  3.     New York University: New York University, based in Greenwich Village is one of the best game design schools in the world. It offers an MFA in Game Design where students learn game design and development along with critical and cultural literacy. Studio courses, workshops and presenting a project thesis are part of this course.
  4.     University Of Central Florida: The University is located in Orlando. It offers an MS in Interactive Entertainment with specializations, in Art, Production, or Programming. UCF is rated one of the bests at the national level.
  5.       Northeastern University: Located in Boston it is an elite research institution. At Northeastern. The College of Arts, Media, and Design offers an MS in Game Science and Design. The program focuses on Game Design and Analysis, Business Models in the Game Industry, Usability, and Empirical User Research and Introduction to Computational Statistics. you can also visit our another page video game designer education requirements.
  6.       George Mason University:  It is a research university located in Fairfax County, VA. It is a college with Game Design major program that combines interactive design, creative writing for games, production, and the business of games. This program balances both the science and art behind gaming. Some important components of the program are Game Business, Entrepreneurship, and Practice, Advanced Game Art, Game Studio Management and Interactive Game Systems Design.
  7.   American University: Located in Washington, DC. It offers an MA in Game Design degree. American University is known for its film, media, and business programs for Video game design degree.

These are some of the colleges with Game Design Majors across the United States. For details, you can visit our home page