Colleges that offer Criminal Justice consist of programs that are integrated with principles of sociology, law, and psychology to teach students how to deal with criminals, understanding why crimes happen and how to prevent them. Interested in criminal justice studies? Read on to know more as we have provided in depth details about law school for more information.

The data in this guide can assist you with choosing whether procuring a bachelor’s in criminal justice can help you with accomplishing your professional goals. It would also help you choose a Criminal Justice degree with coursework that suits your needs.

Colleges that offer criminal justice
Colleges that offer criminal justice

Colleges that offer criminal justice : About

For the programs based in this field, you can either apply for a brick and wood college or you can opt for online education. On average, the cost of online education is much cheaper than its more-traditional counterparts. It is almost half the cost of a traditional college,

Once you look at this and the flexibility offered in online courses, it comes as little to no surprise that more and more people are now opting for it. So, in case you are someone with health, financial, or time constraints, then online education is just the thing for you.

Before you try out for colleges that offer criminal justice , whether a traditional one or an online one, do make it a point to check its accreditation. Only apply if the college has all the required certificates and accreditation . Otherwise, it will be money down a drain. 

What is Criminal Justice ?

Criminal justice studies are a field that attempts to identify and explain patterns of criminal behavior, as well as analyze society’s ability to control crime and delinquency. This area of study covers crime, criminals, and the criminal justice system.

The field of Criminal Justice consists of positions in legal studies, law enforcement, and forensic investigation. A bachelor’s degree in this field can lead to roles in these areas and in other posts in the judicial system.

Now that we know more about what is criminal justice, let’s find out what fields you can get employment in with a degree in criminal justice.

How NOT to choose the right colleges that offer criminal justice? Top mistakes to avoid

It is stressful to pick a college and making sure that you make the correct decision will always feel like a challenging mission. Here are some common errors to stop along the way in order to help out with the college search process:

  • Don’t rush
  • Don’t follow the herd
  • Don’t fall for legacy
  • Don’t take decisions solely depending on your parents’ verdict
  • Don’t fall for your favorites
  • Now, let us discuss elaborately.

Rushing into the process 

It takes time and commitment to finding the right colleges that offer criminal justice, not to mention thorough research and a sometimes lengthy application process. It is never a smart idea to wait for the last minute or simply ‘fall into a college’. It takes out of the equation the most critical factor: you.

Following your friends

It may seem like a smart idea at the moment to pursue a boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend to the college of their choice. Remember, this is one of the most important moments of your life, too. To make the right choices for yourself, you need to remember that if your partnerships are strong, time and distance won’t matter in the long run.

The Lure of Legacy

We know the commandment says, “Honor your father and mother.” However, it might not be in your best interest to recognize just the colleges that offer criminal justice that your parents, siblings, or other family members went to follow in their footsteps. Exploring your choices and finding the best match for your lifestyle is always recommended.

Family revolts

On the other hand, it’s not helpful to only accept schools that your parents don’t want you to attend. They sometimes have some useful advice that might help you determine what may be better for you.

  • Do not pick a college out of malice, or choose not. It is certain that this will take you down a road of regret. 
  • Select a college based on what you really want, not on what somebody else doesn’t want. 

Choosing your favorite college is not always the right choice

We’ve all got our favorite players, so let’s note that it doesn’t mean it’s the best educational fit for you simply because they have a great football squad. You’re there, after all, to study, not to play. You can be a fan but education should be your priority at this point.

Here is the most important factor to consider while choosing the colleges that offer criminal justice.

The urge to partying 

So, it’s a fantastic school for parties, but is it a great place for learning? Although you might be itching to get out like a rock star on your own and dance, that just isn’t what college is about. It is understandable to want a campus with a safe social environment when considering a college; just make sure it is a setting that is conducive to the main goal at hand: learning.

Colleges that offer criminal justice majors : Career options

Professionals with criminal justice degrees are bound to get employment in the following fields. Master’s degrees increase your chances of landing a higher paid job. So one can also look out for criminal justice masters programs. A person having a criminal justice degree can choose from various fields and specializations, and can also pursue their graduate studies online while working on the job.

Below are the listed professionals that generally have a criminal justice degree:

  • Bailiffs
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Federal Investigator
  • Youth Advocate
  • Child Protective Services Specialist
  • Immigration and Customs Inspector
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Paralegals and Legal Assistants
  • Police Detectives
  • Police Patrol Officers
  • Probation Officers
  • Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs: 
  • Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors: 
  • Transit and Railroad Police

The following sections of this article incorporate a rundown of top-notch criminal justice programs, information on accreditation, and options for graduates looking for colleges that offer criminal justice.

Colleges that offer criminal justice degrees : Duration

Schools and colleges that offer criminal justice majors throughout the country offer four-year campus programs. Many schools even offer online degrees in criminal justice, some of which do not even require campus visits. Candidates with associate degrees can often obtain their bachelor’s in criminal justice in a matter of two years.

Criminology College
Criminology College

Criminology College : Which Courses you should apply to?

Now that we’ve understood what criminal justice studies are, let’s have a look at how you can figure out which criminology college and programs are top-quality.

Colleges that offer criminal justice degrees will have few or more of the following qualities:

  • Criminology or a criminal justice department
  • Various criminal justice-related cases
  • Professors with expertise and specialization in criminal justice and related topics
  • A high rate of graduation rate
  • Integrated course work with related topics such as sociology, legal studies, and psychology 
  • Research opportunities
  • Provides grants and scholarships
  • Live-clinic experience is also necessary

Typical Coursework at Criminal Justice School

For all those who are interested in pursuing their criminal justice studies, it is important for them to know the subject areas they are going to be dealing with.  In most programs, the enrolled student will complete the core coursework, and electives and criminal justice major coursework to complete the degree.

Colleges that offers Criminal Justice and Forensics : Curriculum

  • Criminal investigation
  • Criminal procedures
  • Crime control
  • Introduction to criminology
  • Introduction to criminal justice
  • Juvenile Law and Justice
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Courses in Legal Studies
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

Although the specific number of credits varies according to the college, most bachelor degree programs may require electives 120-140 credits. A lot of these credits are filled with electives. Colleges that offer criminal justice have a variety of related electives to choose from while pursuing your degree.

Some of the electives can be, but are not limited to:

  • Courtroom oratory
  • Crisis communication
  • Social Justice
  • Biology of the Crime Scene
  • Racial Justice
  • Leadership Skills
Criminal Justice degree cost
Criminal Justice degree cost

Criminal Justice degree cost

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree can typically range in cost from $10,700 to $32,00- annually. And as you would expect for an online degree, colleges that offer criminal justice will offer a lower cost per credit hour. Online degrees provide you more flexibility and also save traveling costs. So you can study from the comfort of your home without having to make campus visits.

Online courses can also be self-paced, which means even working professionals can apply for these courses and study according to their schedules. In addition to the tuition cost, the study material and textbooks may cost anywhere between $1000-$3000.

So if you need any more help in finding the perfect colleges that offer criminal justice for you, be sure to hit us up! You can also find us at