Cleveland State Community College is one of the most prestigious colleges in the state of Tennessee. As an aspiring leader in your field of profession, you must always learn from the most qualified faculty members, and we can assure you that the college we are about to speak of today, won’t disappoint you. You must have been curious to know everything about , and why shouldn’t you be? One may also visit our page bachelor program for a detailed information on the queries related to bachelor programs.

It’s important to note that for the perfect education of the mind, only learning textbooks won’t do much good. Your chosen college or university must also offer you enough opportunities to flourish in your creative endeavors. And Cleveland State Community College does the exact thing. It has several student clubs that are aimed towards the creative growth and nourishment of the students’ minds. One can also visit accelerated bachelor’s degree programs for adults for other references.

Cleveland State Community College
Cleveland State Community College

Cleveland State Community College – About

The College, in Cleveland, Tennessee, is an American public institution. Its campus is situated in a city with a total of 3,005 enrollments. The school uses an academic year which is based on semester-based grading. The faculty-student ratio is 18-to-1. An Associate Degree is the highest degree offered at Cleveland State Community College. The school offers an open admission policy and credit for life experiences.

Cleveland State Community College Cougarnet Information

This College is the student portal of Cleveland State, where students access all they need to excel at Cleveland State. You can view the requirements for admissions and financial aid, register for classes, pay fees, view your class schedule, access online courses, and more. 

For help with academic and personal challenges, Cleveland State Community College Cougarnet offers direct access to the performance trainer. It also helps you keep in the loop about upcoming activities and critical deadlines for students. We recommend that you regularly check your Cougar Net account and Cleveland State email account so you don’t miss any important information.

How Can You Set Up Your CougarNet Account?

Make sure that you follow the steps mentioned below to set up your CougarNet account for the first time:

  • Go to the official website of the Cleveland State Community College Click on CougarNet available at the top of your screen
  • Click on “What’s My Username” available at the bottom of your login screen
  • Use the “N” number that is provided in your acceptance letter and your last name to figure out your username. In simpler terms, your“N” number is your official Student ID number.
  • Now that you have got your CougarNet username, click on the continue button, and then login with your username and default password. Your default password is your birth date in the following format: Suppose your birthdate is August 03, 1995, in that case, your password would be “03Aug1995”.
  • Once you log in for the first time, you would require to answer some security questions
  • Now that you’ve answered all the questions, it’s time for you to change your password.

Just in case you fail to complete the entire process, you can always reach out to the college administrators and seek extra-assistance.

Now that you’ve created your CougarNet account, get started, and log into your account and start exploring the student portal.

Cleveland State Community College Admissions

You have chosen to take the next step in your education and at this College, you have found a great match. What is it right now? Whether you are just finishing high school or looking to start a second or third career, four simple steps will get you on the road to becoming a student at Cleveland State.

Step 1: Apply

Fill out the online application of Cleveland state community college.

Step 2: Submit your Transcripts

Issue an official transcript from high school, or HSE, and any previously attended transcript from college or university. (Official transcripts would be those received by the issuing institution by post or by secure e-mail. The transcript must be in a sealed envelope if it is brought in person).

Step 3: Submit your ACT/SAT Scores

Submit your ACT/SAT scores. In case you took the ACT and/or SAT in high school, your high school must include your test scores with your official high school transcript.

Step 4: Proof of US Citizenship

Any candidate to a university or college which receives funding from the government of Tennessee and is classified for tuition purposes as “In-State” will be required to provide evidence of permanent US resident status or citizenship.

If you are a U.S. Citizen, provide one (1) of the following:

  • A valid Tennessee driver’s license or photo identification license issued by the department of safety
  • A birth certificate that has been issued by a U.S.A state, jurisdiction, or territory
  • A U.S. government-issued certified birth certificate
  • A U.S. certificate of birth abroad or a report of birth abroad of a citizen of the U.S.A valid, unexpired U.S. passport
  • A certificate of citizenship or naturalization
  • A U.S. citizen identification card (I-179/I-197)

In case you are a permanent resident of America, provide the following documents for Cleveland state community college admissions:

A legitimate certificate of alien registration or other evidence of existing US-recognized immigration registration by the US Homeland Security Department which contains the legal name of the person and the alien file number or the current alien admission number.

Other valid identity and immigration status documentation

In order to verify the applicant’s status as an eligible candidate through the SAVE program by the Department of Homeland Security, students should submit the required documentation and immigration proof within a set deadline to secure their admission in Cleveland state community college.

How can you submit these documents?

First-time students who are a must bring their documents and submit them to their assigned success coach. Transfer, readmit, and non-degree students must either bring their documents physically or scan and email them to the registered email ID of the Enrollment Services Center. 

It’s worth noting in this case that the faxed copies of documents would not be accepted, as they would not fulfill the criteria for student admission.

Make sure that you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Interestingly, 81 percent of undergraduates at the college receive scholarships or grants, and the average scholarship is worth $3,761.

Cleveland State Community College Cost

Paying for college always doesn’t have to be difficult and when it is Cleveland, you should not expect to dig a hole in your wallet. All you need to do is visit the Paying for Community College knowledge center to get advice on raising cash and reducing costs.

Remember that in this College, approximately 81 percent of all undergraduates receive either some kind of grant or scholarship aid during their time in college. And guess what, the average scholarship or grant award is $3,761. So, you better not waste this opportunity of receiving some financial aid.

  • In-state tuition and fees: $4,139
  • Out-of-state tuition and fees: $16,115
  • Books and supplies: $1,344

Extra-Curricular Activities and Student Clubs

You will have ample opportunity to interact with the entire campus community, in addition to classroom participation and studies. If you’re in the Student Senate, the Student Host Ambassadors, or one of over 15 campus organizations, your college experience will be complete and unforgettable!

Don’t you think you want to join in? You may be interested in discovering that those who participate in campus activities are more likely to have a more positive, enjoyable college experience and establish relationships that last a lifetime. Now ready? Look around then to see what CSCC has to say to make college a fantastic experience!

  • Cleveland State Anime Fans have a forum for the Cleveland State anime and manga fans. Members of the club will take part in movie nights, local conventions and discuss their favorite shows.
  • Adjacent to the campus, Baptist College Ministries has its own building. For citizens of all religions, the BCM has a spiritual system. This group is active in mission excursions, retreats, and other fellowship programs. All students are given free lunch on Thursdays, and the center is open every day from 8 a.m. To 5 p.m.
  • Cheerleading Club: A cheerleader’s primary role is, above all, to provide and foster spirit and enthusiasm in support of Cleveland State Community College and its basketball teams. Our role in representing Cleveland State in a reputable manner and representative of the college and its reputation is equally important.
  • Ultimately, the college aggressively seeks out diverse and talented student-athletes with equally high expectations and ambitions to serve as cheerleaders for the Cleveland Community.
  • The college Collegiate FFA Chapter makes a positive difference in students’ lives by developing their potential for top leadership, personal growth, and career success through farm education.
  • The Curtain Call Society is a club that encourages students in the production and performance opportunities to use their talents. The theater includes actors as well as stage managers, musicians, technical support, and people who are imaginative. Students will know a bit more about the drama and its operation and will also meet and join other “thespians” who enjoy theatre.
  • Curtain Call is an opportunity to feed people who are passionate about theatre or maybe spark interest in others. No prior dramatic experience is required.
  • Diversity Club celebrates and shares the diverse cultures and people that make up the world through activities, events, and club meetings that promote understanding and interest in other countries and/or cultures. This helps to expand the global perspectives of students, benefiting them in their future career opportunities not only personally and academically but also professionally.

There are also some clubs that inspire leadership among students:

  • Early Childhood Education Club promotes the educational sector, assists the college in attracting and retaining students, and fosters a spirit of fellowship among students involved in enhancing the educational field. Membership is available to all Cleveland State students with an interest in education, particularly those planning or considering an educational career. One can also be interested in early childhood education degree online.
  • Engineering Club is open to students interested in engineering careers and majors. The purpose is to provide the students with an environment to meet, communicate, and collaborate with other students and faculty in engineering.
  • The group aims to provide opportunities to interact with representatives from four-year institutions and local business leaders, as well as to inform students about opportunities for internship and cooperative education. The Environmental Awareness Association is designed to raise awareness about the current state of our environment and promote engagement in our campus’ cleanup and preservation.
  • To extend that expertise to potential future film projects, Film Club is structured to explore, evaluate, and study film and video techniques.
  • History Club of Cleveland state community college regularly brings students together to explore an interest in history and other similar topics. This involves field trips, meetings, and scheduled campus activities that concentrate on history and culture.
  • The LEO Club represents our culture, and Lions Club sponsors it. The LEO slogan is Leadership, Knowledge, Chance. As a club, they help to support the community by engaging in numerous community service programs and by serving as active community members. Their mission is to foster on- and off-campus student engagement, and improve leadership skills. Students must collect resources to support the city. 
  • Medical Assisting Student Association promotes the identity and stature of its members and the profession of medical assistants through community service, education, and credentials. One can also see how to become a certified medical assistant.

Other creative and social endeavors are also welcomed at Cleveland state community college:

  • Global Organization for Education in Music. The National Association for Music Education Cleveland State is a collegiate branch of the Music Educators professional organization. The mission is to advance qualitative music education for all. Members of the NAfME college University Chapter are also members of the Tennessee Association of Music Educators.
  • Our chapter welcomes visiting professors as guest physicians, speakers, and performers from 4-year universities. The meetings, master classes, and guest presentations can be attended by any student. NAfME offers rigorous leadership training, as well as various networking opportunities with student activists and NAfME leaders, and provides advocacy and training services to its participants.
  • Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society that recognizes two-year college achievement among the students. The world’s largest honor society, membership of Phi Theta Kappa is invitation only. Membership is given to students who display excellent academic results in autumn and spring.
  • Membership entitles you to a benefit of exclusive graduation recognition, qualifying for more than $36 million in scholarship funds and the ability to build life-long friendships and leadership skills.
  • The Skills USA group membership is available to Cleveland state community college students who are interested in communicating with their peers in our various fields of study incorporated at the local, state, and national levels within the Skills USA Competitions. Skills USA is a career and technical student leadership organization at secondary and college-level institutions.
  • The Social Work Club, on campus, is a service club. The club was founded in 2004 and has an average of 20 members per year and is very active on campus and in the community. Each year, participants take part in Oktoberfest, numerous fundraising events, service projects, and the Veteran’s Day celebration.
  • Some past activities have included collecting food baskets for social service agencies and military families, setting up a “Free Store” for low-income families, collecting and donating stuffed animals for abused and traumatized children, sponsoring the April Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and co-sponsoring prevention of drug abuse and awareness-raising events.
  • In addition, each year the club hosts a National Social Work Month reception in March. Membership is free, and we welcome anyone to join.
  • Speech and Debate will help you explore the power of the spoken word — influencing, encouraging, sharing emotions hidden in them that have not been expressed for an audience. Subsequently, people regularly participating in speech and discussion are much more able to talk openly during interviews, show a professional presence, and clearly describe ideas and abilities.
  • There are indeed many reasons why debating in college can lead you to discuss all the job offers on the postgraduate table! This squad is doing weekly practice at both the sites in Cleveland and Athens, as well as traveling to tournaments.
  • Student Ambassadors act as college leaders in attracting potential students by accepting campus guests, visiting high schools in the region, and assisting college staff in other campus functions. Based on academic achievement, leadership skills, character, poise, and articulation, student ambassadors are considered.
  • Student Art League is a group where artists and people interested in art come together to create possibilities for on- and off-campus visual art related events. You don’t have to be a join-up artist. The Student Nurses’ Association comprises all students who are participating in the nursing program.
  • SNA’s main purposes are to foster scholarship and leadership and to promote civic responsibility and service to the community. The Student Senate is the voice of the Administration’s students. The Student Senate aims to enhance the quality of student life through legislation, as well as the services and events it supports.
  • Vocal Rhapsody is an auditioned vocal group of 16-20 members performing a variety of music including traditional choral, classical, Broadway, and contemporary/popular songs. Their aim is to provide Cleveland state community college with high quality and challenging musical learning experience, serving as ambassadors for CSCC in the service area through success.
  • It also enables CSCC students to cultivate talent and skills that will be useful during their lifetime and to provide opportunities for full participation and involvement of students, while offering various opportunities for campus and community service while studying. The auditions are open to any Cleveland State Community College student or employee.
  • The Cleveland State Wildlife Society aims to associate students with Wildlife and Fisheries professionals and to provide practical training in wildlife management techniques.

How to Calculate Your GPA?

In case you are wondering how you can calculate your GPA for Cleveland state community college, here is the standard GPA calculation method:

  1. Multiply the total grade value for each of the courses taken, with the total credit hours allocated for that course.
  2. The result of this multiplication would be the quality points. Now, add the quality points with the credit hours.
  3. Then, you must divide the total quality points (that you just calculated) by the attempted hours.
  4. Make sure that you don’t include the hours for NC or S or I grades.

Cleveland State Community College Athletics Department

This college is one of the prestigious members of the National Junior College Athletic Association and the Tennessee Community College Athletic Association and has a large intercollegiate sports program. State and regional tournaments and national rankings have been included in the acknowledgment.

Baseball team sports, Basketball for men and women, and softball for women are available at Cleveland state community college athletics. However, not every student can join these athletic teams. You must be considered eligible for a number of criteria.

Baseball team sports, Basketball for men and women, and softball for women are available. However, not every student can join these athletic teams. You must be considered eligible for a number of criteria.

Cleveland State Community College
Cleveland State Community College

Cleveland State Community College Basketball And Baseball Team

Baseball team also inspire future athletes to hone their athletic skills. With active sports culture being celebrated within the college campus, it is indeed important to understand that a healthy environment of sportsmanship and constructive competition is highly valued by the authorities of the particular educational institution. The Cleveland State Community College Basketball team is also very energetic and attracts those who are highly interested in sports culture.

Different Topics to study at CSCC

Students can opt for degrees and certificates available across 12 different fields. The popular programs available at CSCC include:

  1. Liberal Arts and Sciences,
  2. General Studies and Humanities,
  3. Business, Management, Marketing,
  4. Related Support Services,
  5. Health Professions and Related Programs. You may also be interested to know about quickest masters degree online for future.

Let’s call it a Day

One thing is for sure, and that is getting admitted to one of the best colleges in your state is indeed a difficult process. But if you have the right intent and crystal clear goals, nothing is impossible. But at the same time, you must also keep in mind that once you get admitted to Cleveland state community college, you must also pay close attention to your performance during your semesters.

As it is said that reaching the top is not difficult, instead, what’s difficult is to be able to hold that spot for long. And once you enter CSCC, your aim should be to constantly improve and give it your best shot, irrespective of the task at your hand.
We believe that all your doubts regarding admission to Cleveland State Community College have been clarified and all questions have been answered. Just in case you are eager to know anything else about the particular college and its curriculum, make sure that you reach out to us in a quick time. For more information and updates contact us at Online Schools Near Me.