Cheap online colleges without application fee

Cheap online colleges without application fee can now do what seemed impossible once upon a time. They provide the right opportunities while earning the college degree and maintaining the full-time job. Different colleges across the country introduce these programs online, and thus students have now a plethora of distance education options like never before. With a wide array of choices, it is essential to find the right school to accomplish your educational goal within your exclusive budget. Getting a degree from an online degree is not just a temporary investment, it is another step to brighten your future.

However, there are a bunch of students for whom affordability is a criterion prior to starting their college search for cheapest online college. Cheap online colleges without application fee are considered to be the best option for such students. These colleges also offer education at low tuition costs owing to which people can afford them without being too hard in their pocket. Going to these accredited online colleges without application fee are also useful in saving the costs of textbook fees, commuting costs, transportation fees, additional money on accommodation, to name a few. These colleges are known to have a track record to help students get their degree from the comfortable zone of their home without involving long-term and punishing debt. You can save a lot of troubles as you choose these colleges.

Universities and colleges without application fees

Believe it or not, but just applying to colleges can burn a hole in your pocket. Most of the colleges charge an application fee which is not going to be refunded. As most of the students apply to a lot of colleges, the cost just keeps adding up. The cheap online colleges without application fee are indeed the best option in this regard to save your money.


cheap online colleges without application fees

Here is a list of cheap online colleges without application fee:

  1. Saint Louis University: This private, non-profit academic research institution is ranked 96th nationally, and according to the US news, the Saint Louis University offers about 106 online bachelor’s programs to the students. With more than 13,500 students, this school of non-professional studies offers 15 accredited certificate courses and 11-degree programs to the aspiring students without an application fee.
  2. Maryville University: with more than 6,400 enrolled students, Maryville University is an accredited arts institution that is located in St. Louis, Missouri and it was founded in the year 1872. Being the 161st best national university, the Maryville University offers more than 110 best online course programs to the students without an application fee. You can easily apply to these online course programs and obtain your certificates online.
  3. Colorado Technical University: Colorado Technical University is a private polytechnic institution that is located in the Colorado Springs. Educating over 25,700 students with its 111 distance degree programs for free, the Colorado Technical University is the 63rd best national academic institution with some great options to offer to the students.
  4. Brescia University: This private college was founded in the year 1925 by the Ursuline Sister. The US News has ranked the Brescia University as the 50th best regional college in the Southern region. With more than 6000 students, the Brescia University offers more than 15 top online course programs to the candidates without an application fee.
  5. Indiana Wesleyan University: It is a private, non-profit academic institution that is serving over 15,800 students. Being the 30th best regional college, the Indiana Wesleyan University offers more than 75 online courses and degree programs to the students for free. Some of its online degree programs include B.Sc in Accounting, M.A. in Ministry, MBA in School Administration etc.   

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