Student life is getting miserable day by day. As the competition increases, teachers are putting pressure on their students by daily assignments, projects, exams, etc. This increase in pressure has put students under stress and not allowed them to live their life freely. So, in order to lower their burden, students approach services offered online that help them in doing their assignment efficiently and on time just by paying for it. This thing is also known as ghostwriting. It made their lives a lot easier, and buying services online increases with the passage of time among students. But is it good to buy the services online? Can the professors detect that if the essay has been bought online? Is it legal, safe? We will answer all these questions.

Let’s look towards the advantages and disadvantages of it first.


  • Plagiarized Free Essays: 

The services claim to provide plagiarized free essays since they hire expert writers who write from the start and to catch this is nearly impossible for the professors if the essay has been bought online or not. The writers know that if they do any sort of plagiarism, it might put the student into the problem and will affect their grades.

  • Time-Saving: 

Being a student, the most precious thing to us is time. In this modern era, students are the busiest people on earth, having loads of studies. The second issue arises when it’s about meeting the deadline since we forget when the deadline will end due to the pressure of assignments. To clear all these kinds of problems, hiring essay writers can solve this issue to a great extent.

  • Job Opportunities: 

It is not all about buying an essay online, but you can also offer your services on the websites and earn money. You just need to be good at writing, and the opportunity for the job is in your hands.

  • Security Assurance Work: 

Online services assure security issues. They have a solid privacy policy which makes students rely on them. They assure you to keep your information confidential and your identity. With security, they also claim to provide quality work.

  • Professional Essay Writers:

The services hire expert writers who are masters at their work. A student should not put their grade at risk by writing an essay that may not give them a good grade but should rely on professional writers who would do their job efficiently, deliver the work on time, and help the student get his desired grades.

  • Affordable Services: 

          Most of the essay writing services is cheap and easy to afford. Keeping in mind that they offer their service to students, they keep their prices low to facilitate students to buy the essays online.


  • Not Being Delivered on Time:

The main problem arises when you ask the writer to send you the work you paid for, but he failed to deliver it to you on time. What will you do? This will cost you your grades and will eventually put you down in your studies.

  • Low-Quality Work: 

Although the services claim to provide quality work, it is not true that all the services will provide you with that quality of work. There might be a possibility when the writer could not give their best to your work and will not meet your requirements.

  • Chances Of Plagiarism: 

Even though the writers do their work plagiarized-free, there are still chances that they can go for short ways and will do the copy-paste work to submit their work on time and want to grab another one. This plagiarism can badly affect your career, even if it can cause you a punishment for doing it.

  • Feel Of Guilt: 

Even if you get a good grade by buying the service just by paying for it and doing nothing, it may not feel good inside since you will not accomplish it through your hard work, but the accomplishment will never be yours, it will belong to whom you have ordered two.

  • Problems in Career: 

You can get a degree by buying through academic writing services. You can put a good image on your teachers and fellows. Furthermore, you can get a position with the class. But what will you do when you put your foot in the career life where you have to do the work all by yourself? You cannot cheat at that time and would run from that situation by putting your work on someone else’s shoulder.

  • Fraud: 

When you hire essay writers, you don’t know the person who will do the job perfectly? Will he give me my work on time and will run after getting his money in advance? So yes, there is a possibility that the writers can take the payment in advance and will not deliver your work on time.

Are Essay Writing Services Safe and Legal?

Yes! The services offered online are safe and legal to buy. If we talk about its safety, before buying any services, do some research on whether the website is safe and authentic. Check their policy and go for it. If we talk about whether it’s legal or not, it’s completely legal because the writers do their job legally and do not break any sort of law, they are being paid for the work they are doing, and you are giving money for it.

Can Professors Identify if the Essay Has Been Bought Online or Not?

It all would depend upon the precautions if you took the right precautions, such as if a professional essay writer has done the work, so it cannot be detected because they do their work from the beginning and avoid plagiarism. Secondly, if there are fewer grammatical mistakes and there is no sudden change in the tone of an essay. However, the professors use software like Turnitin, which helps them to detect if the essay is plagiarized or not. But it only identifies the plagiarism, not the ideas, whereas the writers ask for your ideas only.

It’s been clear that professors cannot find out if the essay has been bought online or not. But there are factors which a student should decide whether they should go for buying services online or not by looking at the advantages and disadvantages and taking precautions. It is clear that it can give you good grades, but it can also affect your professional life. Since there are more advantages to buying essays, it is entirely legal and safe. According to research, 15% of students buy essays online. Hence, you can buy essays from advanced writers, but be careful from which website you are going for and should have proper research of the writer as well.