C2 Education is a pioneer in providing test preparation. Its prepares students for the competitive world.  It trains students in the preparation of tests such as SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP Exams, etc. In addition to the test prep, it also offers home tutoring. It has made a very good reputation all over the world in the domain of test preparation. You can get all your desire information about high school.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail C2 sat prep cost is low and the school is very affordable. future and job prospects, costs, programs, procedures, etc.

C2 education sat prep cost have been very overwhelming and positive. It has many centers and virtual classes. There is also a provision of in-house tutoring for various levels.

The school has an excellent track record of delivering students to the best colleges on a consistent basis.

Basic information

C2 Education was founded over 20 years ago. It was formed at Harvard University by David Kim and Jim Narangajavana. They used to provide SAT prep to local school students. Gradually, they started realizing the need to provide such guidance to a huge number of students.

Working together, they started a tutoring company to help high school students to get admission to the best colleges. Currently, C2 has over 180 centers in 15 states, It has grown from strength to strength and has provided world-class guidance in both offline and online circuits.  

C2 education
C2 education

C2 Education: Virtual Advantages

  • Comprehensive Programs– The virtual education program of provides all very comprehensive programs. There are test prep, tutoring, and counseling from experts. With so much coverage, success is guaranteed.
  • Personalized Support– Even in the virtual program, there is no shortage of personalized support. Each student gets a personalized plan focusing on what they need and adapting according to their needs.
  • High-Quality Virtual Learning– Everyone at C2 Education emphasizes the importance of personal relationships and face-to-face interactions. You’ll still be living with your tutor, just online instead of in person. You can also checkout san diego virtual school.

C2 Virtual

C2 Virtual is the online program of this Education. It is very beneficial for those students who live in remote areas.

C2 Virtual test prep, tutoring, and college counseling make sure that students avoid learning loss during remote school to stay on track for academic success and dream college acceptance.

There have been many changes to schoolwork and standardized tests, and now more than ever. The education tutoring has become very dynamic now. C2 provides students the strong academic support they require to continue academic momentum going on the demanding and competitive path to their dream colleges. also you can search virtual school.

What does c2 education stand for? 

What does C2 education stand for
What does C2 education stand for

There are many reasons for joining this prestigious school. You would have a great and memorable experience. You will learn a lot of skills here and enrich yourself with knowledge. 

  • Test prep– This education prepares the student for competitive tests such as SAT, ACT, and PSAT, etc. Doing well in these tests will guarantee you a good college and open the door for exciting future endeavors. In these tests, you will be competing with students all around the world so you must be fully prepared and work hard.
  • Excellent faculty– The faculty is a very experienced one. They have been very successful in training students to achieve high scores. In this school, the tutors fulfill all parameters of quality. They will help you complete the syllabus in a time-bound manner.
  • Tutoring –The school helps the students in building foundational skills and getting ahead in tough classes. C2 education tutoring service is available to students from grades k-12. Good grades play a vital role in gaining admission to top colleges and good tutoring can provide you the necessary guidance.
  • College admission consulting– This service is provided by very few virtual schools. C2 helps students in navigating the college admission process. This guidance ranges from helping the students choose the right courses in middle and high school to facilitating winning application strategies. The expert team of directors are well trained and certified to provide the right college admissions guidance.
  • Webinars– It refers to the seminars that are conducted online. C2 Education provides excellent webinars to its students and makes them well versed in many domains through these webinars. The most talented people are invited from all over the world to host these webinars. These webinars are very helpful for students.

Test Prep : How much is c2 sat prep?

This Education takes pride in being one of the most renowned test preparation institutes. Our test preparation strategy is well structured and is designed to accommodate the demands of the syllabus.

  • SAT Prep- Most colleges consider SAT scores in approving the student’s application. There is no denying that a great SAT score can help you get admission into top colleges.  C2’s SAT prep helps maximize students’ scores and improve their chances of getting admission into a top college.

    For over 20 years, C2’s comprehensive SAT tutoring has helped students in scoring excellent SAT scores. In addition to boosting SAT scores, we help students perform at a superior level throughout high school. This makes them stand out from the rest. The best part is that C2 education prices is affordable for all.

    The SAT tutors are excellent here. They focus on minute details to make sure that no stone is left upturned. They teach subjects with full dedication. They meet the highest teaching standards possible. One can also go through c2 education packages cost before applying.

    At C2 education there is no single-minded approach. It is because every student is unique and each has his/her strengths and weaknesses. The approach begins with a full-length SAT diagnostic test; the experience provided here is the same as the one students are going to face in real life.

    In SATs, there are multiple-choice based questions and include many subjects. Subjects include English, Maths, Science, History, and Languages.

    Our SAT tutors have created a program that pinpoints student’s strengths and weaknesses. There is also a special doubt session every week in which students can raise their doubts and interact one on one with the tutors.

    Moreover, the group sizes are small which ensures individual attention, making sure that each student gets the right amount of attention and instruction. There is also a support team that is very terrific and provides counseling sessions to the students so that they can combat stress in this competitive environment. You can also explore free online classes for high school diploma .

  • ACT Test prep– Some colleges also consider a student’s ACT score as one of the parameters in giving admission to students. A great ACT score is necessary for getting admission to many of the top colleges. ACT prep can increase your chances of getting into your dream college.

    For many years, C2 Education’s ACT tutoring has helped student’s college admission applications stand out from the rest. The comprehensive ACT strategy will allow students to gain good marks and enrich themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills.

    The tutors are of excellent quality and are well trained to provide the right guidance for this test. C2 hires only the best tutors to train students.
    The ACT prep is highly personalized here. Special attention is given to every student. The structure is very well designed and tailored according to the demands of the syllabus. Doubt sessions help students indirectly contacting the tutor and getting the solutions to their problems.

  • PSAT Prep– The PSAT is widely misunderstood as just a practice test for SAT. C2 education also serves as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Students who take part in this test in the 11th grade are eligible to compete for this prestigious award. This award can help them gain admission to the best colleges and universities.

    PSAT can also help you get scholarships. This test will boost student’s confidence in SAT and ACT exams. All variations of the PSAT are designed to predict future SAT performance. It depicts a true picture of your level and with the help of this; you can sort out your weak points.

  • AP Test prep – Advanced Placement courses are one of the toughest and challenging courses offered in high school level and good scores in these exams can help you earn college credit. AP exams are only offered once a year i.e. May.  AP exams include many subject areas.

    Our experienced tutors will give you full assistance so that you can crack this exam. AP is a challenging course and the level of questions is very high. But with the proper guidance of C2 Education, you can clear it. There are special counseling students as well to reduce anxiety.
  • ISSE and SSAT Test prep- The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) has three levels- Upper, Middle, and Lower- based on entrance grade level. Each level includes 5 sections such as Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Comprehension, Maths, and Essay.

    Scoring high in ISSE is the key to getting admission to many private schools. This test helps students in strengthening school applications.

    (SSAT) Secondary School Admission Exam has three levels- Elementary, Middle, and Upper. Each level consists of sections on Mathematics, Verbal reasoning, and Reading.

    A good SSAT score can improve the chances of students getting admission to many top private schools. C2 education can help the students gain application into the best secondary schools.
  • Summer Boot Camps- The summer vacation is a great time to put all your focus on college entrance test preparation. This can also provide you a head start for the next year. By keeping yourself engaged in the summer can put you ahead of your competitors. You will not lose your momentum.

    The summer boot camp programs are highly intensive. There are two types of programs, one is the 50-hours program and the other one is an 80-hours program. All programs include 2-hours of sessions. Special attention is given to every student. The focus is on curriculum, custom content, and interim testing. C2 education packages cost based program is also very low range.

    In the SAT boot camp, students are engaged in intensive test prep for SAT exams. The ACT summer program is for students who want to score big in ACT exams. The book boot camp is designed for 4th-8th graders to help them boost their reading and writing skills.
  • Online Advanced Placement Courses– AP courses are available in both in-person tutoring and online. Students, who opt for this course, get a full, accredited online course and get in-person tutoring to supplement their learning. The AP course here is great for students who need more flexibility in their schedules.

    The online AP courses include online modules with compelling interactivity. The AP courses are provided in association with k12 International Academy which is a world-class diploma-granting school. In addition to these, there is a feature of live chat, webinars, and access to k12 International Academy teachers at flexible times.

C2 Education Tutoring

C2 Education Tutoring
C2 Education Tutoring

They are of top-notch quality. The tutoring is available for high school, middle school, elementary school, and AP courses. The tutoring is also available for test prep and c2 education prices are also very reasonable. The tutoring is available for SAT, ACAT, PST, and AP examinations.

C2 education tutoring is of very high quality and the tutors meet the highest standards. There are a certain number of hours that a tutor must teach. C2 education cost per hour can be extended by depositing more money. In-house tutoring ensures that the student gets special attention and clear all their doubts.

Between demanding courses, preparation for college admissions tests, extracurricular, even very talented students can face trouble. But C2 Education tutoring methods are very well renowned and it support of C2 ensures that the promise of training for various programs such as tutoring support, AP course support, Prep for competitive exams is fulfilled.

In middle school tutoring, students develop academic and practical skills that prepare them for high school and further studies. Here the focus is not only on studies but also on management skills and personal organization. Developing strong study habits at this stage is very important.

In the middle school level, tutoring focuses on helping students gain skills in reading, writing, and maths. Advanced learners can gain access to high school preview courses, which keeps them tested and motivated during middle school.

The importance of elementary school tutoring is often ignored by parents. This stage is a key part of the student’s development. Studies have shown that students who lag at the elementary level suffer a lot in the higher levels. With C2 Education tutoring, students can build some skills and habits that can last throughout their life.

The test prep tutoring has been the most sought after course in the school. The tutoring is available for test prep. The tutoring is available for SAT, ACAT, PST, and AP examinations. These exams are very important. Scoring well in these can help you get admission into the top colleges.

The demand for tutoring in these exam levels has increased a lot in recent years due to the intense competition for college seats. International competition is huge in these tests, that is why proper guidance is a must in this exam preparation. These tests include a lot of subjects and they must be completed in a time-bound manner.

College Admission Counselling

Expert college admissions advising can be the difference between getting into a good college and a great one. While excellent grades and test scores are essential to get into any top college, many other things make up a great college application.

 C2 education certified counselors work with students to create a college application that stands above the rest. Some areas of interest that we cover include:

• Choosing courses that depict an intellectual challenge.

• Volunteer opportunities to demonstrate civic engagement.

• Finding the right extra-curricular activities through which you can demonstrate your talent. 

• Writing a great college essay 

• Improving interviewing skills

C2 education
C2 education

Why is the virtual class a great idea?

There are a lot of advantages for you if you apply for an online course. In addition to being very affordable, they give you independence and flexibility for your education. All things considered, here are a couple of important points and advantages of enrolling in online courses.

  • You can remain enrolled in your current high school education while taking advantage of these classes. Not only will you get a conventional c2 education, but these courses will also boost your education and upgrade your skills.
  • Flexible and independent learning is one of the key motives behind the establishment of virtual schools. So if you are someone who moves around very frequently and would prefer not to pass up your education, these courses are the perfect thing for you. You can gain access to an online course from any place in the world.
  • Practical and regularly free courses are available here. So if by chance you urgently need that midyear school endorsement or recover some lost credits, this is a great option for you.
  • Technically complex courses that a vast majority of the schools might not have can be accessed through virtual classroom courses.  The advanced technologies available can help you learn very complex operations.
  • Online courses allow you to decide on your schedule. So if there are any clashing courses or times, you can essentially reschedule. 

C2 Education Cost : How much does c2 education cost?

C2 Education Cost
C2 Education Cost

The c2 sat prep cost depends on the program you have opted for. SAT fees cost $47 and SAT with essays costs $64.
C2 education cost per hour of home tutoring ranges from $75 to $100 . The c2 education sat prep cost exams between $40-$50. 

How to apply?

Visit our website. Register yourself by creating a student’s account. Select a username and create a strong password. Fill in the relevant information. Preview the information carefully that you have added. Do not forget to add a security question. 

Apply for Programs

  • After the student account is created, you log in.
  • Select the choice and choose your preferred program
  • Once you have selected it, submit the form 


Once your facilitator approves your selected programs, you can proceed to payment.

You would be required to upload a digital signature for a software release.

Go to Payments and account tab 

Select the C2 education courses you want to make the payment for, by clicking the check boxes

Enter your billing address and Credit Card information on the payment gateway. Payment can be done only through Visa and Master Cards.

Once your payment is complete, your receipt will be displayed on the screen. Print a copy for your receipt. You will also receive a copy of the receipt on your email ID.


Once you have completed the payment for your program. You will receive an application from the school. 

If you receive it then it means that you have been enrolled.

You will also receive an email from your tutors. One can also visit for best and cheap online colleges.

C2 Education reviews

C2 Education reviews
C2 Education reviews

Last year alone, C2 students earned over 6,000 dream college acceptances and were offered $45 million in scholarships. C2 Education reviews speak volumes and depict the higher standards the school follows.

Whether a student wants to improve their test score or increase their GPA, our face-to-face, personalized programs work. We’re neither an 8-week class with 20 students nor a series of online videos you watch when you have time. We get to know our students and create comprehensive plans to both succeed in high school and be prepared to face the challenges of college.

And we don’t do it alone – it takes patience and commitment from our students and their families. Working together, we get great results — higher SAT and ACT scores, better GPAs, and more dream college acceptances.

C2 sat prep cost provides the best programs for test preparation and tutoring. Whether you are a high school student or middle school, there are many great programs for you here. The tutors are excellent, the results are satisfactory and the c2 tutoring cost is not out of pocket. 

C2 Education reviews are excellent and after looking at it, you will be surprised to know how much applause we are receiving from our former students. We have a proven track record and our students have gained admissions into many top colleges. Today’s world is highly competitive and that is why good guidance is a must to help you make it to the top.  

So what are you waiting for? Enroll in C2 Education and change your life with the help of the best services and a wide range of programs. If you still have any doubt, you can visit our website and explore your options. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us our website online schools near me.