Business Management Degree Salary 2018The outcome of any education, as we expect, is profound knowledge and a bountiful salary for a decent living. Business management is one such field that educates an individual with diverse skills that can fit in any job field. Besides skills, a recent study reveals that the business management degree salary is taking a hype and shortly, it shall to beat the average payout of all occupations. One can also get details at master degree.

Business management degree salary 2018 – Details

Students with a business management degree in their hands are capable of venturing various industry fields, through which they not only enhance their potential but also acquire multiple means of incomes. However, the salary of business management graduates varies according to several factors. Read on to know more about business management degree salary 2018.

Business Management salary entry-level: Factors that considered

The salary of business management graduates changes according to the following two factors

  1. Based on the Type of JOB: As said earlier, a business management degree can prepare you to take over almost all types of jobs; and this is where the salary changes come in. Based on the kind of post you work for, the salary may either be less or more. However, the average salary of business management graduates is around $65,000 per year. This amount can go as high as $131,000 for the post of marketing manager.  
  2. Based on the Level of DEGREE: The payout for a business management candidate depends on the
    level of education he/she has completed. For instance, your earnings will be more if you have an MBA in comparison to a bachelor’s degree. Higher the degree you have higher will be your payout. In
    figures, the business management starting salary for a bachelor’s degree student is around $50,000; whereas, those with an MBA degree get around $62,000 as their starting package. 

After having a general overview of the changes in the business Management salary entry-level, let
us get a bit specific and discuss the payouts for particular jobs you can do after having a master’s or bachelor’s degree in business management.

Business degree salary – According to the Type of Career:

  •     Accounting Manager: The average salary is about $56,032, and this can rise up to $74,000
  •     Operations Manager: The average pay is about $64,000 up to as high
    as $109,000
  •     Project Manager: The average salary is $54,960 and goes up to
  •     Human Resource Manager: The average salary is about $71,000 and goes up to $105,000
  •     Jobs in Health Care Administrations: The average salary is about $82,870
  •     Jobs in Food Services: The average
    payout is $50,800
  •     Marketing Director: The average payout is $113,045 and can go up
    to as high as $162,000
  •     Chief Financial Officer (CFO): The average salary is $144,000 and
    can increase up to $228,000

So, here it was all about Business degree salary based on management degree.

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