Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) is one of the best colleges in Kentucky. It provides more than 25 academic and technical programs on four campuses (Prestonsburg, Pikeville, Paintsville, and Hager Hill). It has an overall enrollment of over 4,700 students; BSCTC is an affordable choice when it comes to higher education. In this article, we are going to discuss online classes, about bachelor program, and Big Sandy Community and Technical College cost.

Big Sandy Community and Technical College
Big Sandy Community and Technical College

Big Sandy Community and Technical College

The College is committed to provide accessible quality education opportunities for student success, promoting economic growth, and improving the quality of life of its constituents. 

Big Sandy Community and Technical College is committed to promote regional growth through community, workforce, and economic development. It also intends to add value to the region by providing excellence in teaching and learning.

The college’s ever-expanding branches depict that the college is determined to improve the quality of education and providing world-class training to many students. The courses and the curriculum are designed in such a manner that students are well prepared to be part of the workforce. There is an industry-based curriculum in most of the courses.

Big Sandy Community and Technical college Pikeville – Reasons to join

There are many reasons to join the Big Sandy Community and Technical College. They are the following- 

  • Very affordable– The fees of the college are very less and the students from marginalized sections can also study here and achieve their dreams. Attending this college is a very smart choice. The college provides various types of loans and grants.

    The tuition fee payment structure is designed to suit the needs of the students.

In addition to that, the college also provides scholarship programs for the needy so that they can learn from here and achieve their goals. Getting into this college is an excellent choice because, with very little investment, you are gaining so much.

  • Flexibility- The college programs are very flexible. This ensures that there is no rigidity and students are given the freedom to choose. There are two types of programs here, one is the traditional classroom program and the other one is a distance learning program.  

Distance Learning is an alternative for many students who cannot attend classes on big sandy community and technical college Pikevile campus due to scheduling issues, childcare, work, or other commitments. With the help of our partnership with the Kentucky Virtual Campus, you can select from more than 1,100 classes and earn your degree from the comforts of your own home.

The cost of online classes is also very less. Students in that program would not face any type of problem; the virtual classroom environment is top-notch. One can also look for fully accredited online colleges for their comfort.

They offer more than 200 credentials in big sandy community and technical college: Associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Choose which path is best for you.  You can go for a certification course which is a short-term option that gets you back into the workforce or an associate degree to provide a start towards a baccalaureate degree from a state college or university.

  • Location– Whether your class is on campus or online, you’ll find out why BSCTC is the real deal. The campuses are conveniently located in Prestonsburg, Pikeville, Paintsville, and Hager Hill. Here, you will discover a big-college atmosphere in a small-college environment.

    There are student parks, clubs, planetariums that make the campus full of life. There are so many things that will enrich your campus life. The library and the computer labs are opened 24*7 making sure that all the windows of knowledge are always open.
  • Student Oriented Approach– We have a student-oriented policy here. Our students are some of the best and brightest in our region and share a common goal of serving others. Our faculty is very caring and the staff has an unwavering commitment to your success. They are the foundation of producing successful graduates. 

Big Sandy Community and Technical College programs

  • Associate in Arts Degree– The Associate in Arts degree allows students to pursue a wide range of educational options and gaining a solid foundation in liberal arts. The degree allows the students to continue their education in four years and prepares them to achieve specialization in a particular field.

    If you are pursuing for big sandy community and technical college programs, this is a great choice for you to plan for a four-year degree program in liberal arts. This is a transfer degree that means you will be able to transfer to a four-year college if you fulfill certain requirements.
  • Associate in Science– The Associate in Science degree allows students to pursue a wide range of educational options and making a solid base in the sciences. The degree enables graduates to continue their education at a four-year college.

    This degree is right for you if you want to pursue a four-year degree program in Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Agriculture, Maths, etc. This degree can be completed within two years for full-time students. For part-time students, this degree may take up four years.
  • Automotive Technology- Automotive technology is rapidly increasing with development in technology. That is why nowadays, most of the employers are demanding a formal degree in automotive technology. We provide an excellent automotive technology program.

    Our program is NATEF certified, which means our training is of high quality and you can follow our program with full trust. Under this program, there are various degree, certificate, and diploma options.

    The degree program is Associate in Applied Science. The diploma program in Automotive Technician. There is a wide range of certificates such as Automotive Air Condition Mechanic, Brake Repairer, Engine repairer, Tune-up mechanic, Manual Transmission and Drive Train Technician, etc.

    You can earn an Associate in Applied Science degree in two years if you go for a full-time option.
  • Business Administration– The Business Administration program is designed for those seeking entry-level jobs as well as current employees wanting to improve their skills. This program will prepare you for a variety of business careers. 

You can pursue an associate degree in Business Administration. You can go for a diploma. A certification course is also not a bad choice, you can gain skills in accounting, Management, Data Entry, Advanced Business, etc.

If you maintain full status, you can earn a degree in two years. 

  • Civil Engineering technology– Civil engineering technicians help out civil engineers to plan and look after the building of highways, buildings, bridges, dams, wastewater treatment systems, and other structures and do related research. Some calculate construction costs and specify materials to be used.

    Some have to prepare drawings or perform land-surveying duties. Others may set up and monitor instruments used to study traffic conditions. 
Big Sandy Community and Technical College jobs
Big Sandy Community and Technical College jobs

Big Sandy Community and Technical College jobs

This degree opens up a wide range of career options and there are tons of employment opportunities. If you had made a mindset for big sandy community and technical college then these are the career options available for your future ahead.

  • Computer-aided drafting and Design– Computer Aided Drafting is designed and drafted with the aid of a computer. Design means creating a project from an idea. The drafting refers to the construction of drawings needed to produce the product. These technicians work at the ground level in construction and manufacturing.

    They are the designers who transform the vision into a blueprint that accelerates the process of building something new. There are various degrees, certificates and diploma course here in big sandy community and technical college which you can pursue.
  • Computer and Information Technology– In the current era of digitization, it is the IT industry that is at the forefront. The purpose of this program is to prepare students for the IT sector. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it meets the required standard and suits the needs of the industry.

    An associate in applied sciences provides a huge amount of knowledge in this field. Certifications programs include A+, CISCO Networking, CIT fundamentals, Internet Security, Digital Forensics, etc.
  • Criminal Justice– Criminal Justice prepares students for entry into the field of police work, law enforcement including corrections, security, and loss prevention.

    Students study the law as it relates to enforcement, human behavior, government, and communications. Graduates are likely to get job opportunities on the federal, state, county, and municipal levels.

    There are various disciplines under it such as Advanced Law, Computer Forensic, Corrections, Criminal Justice core, Security, and Loss Prevention. Look out for best colleges for criminal justice and law enforcement if interested in law enforcement.
  • Cosmetology– This program prepares students for gaining employ ability as a salon stylist. Students are taught hair styling, hair cutting, shampooing, skincare, and many more. You can also become a Saloon manager if you do well in your job. There are associative as well as certification options.
  • Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Integrated Program– A dental assistant is a member of a dental health team that provides side by side support to the dentist as well as laboratory and x-ray procedures. A dental hygienist provides cleanings, exams, and x-rays under the supervision and guidance of a dentist. A separate admission process must be completed to be eligible for the Dental Assisting/Dental Hygiene Program.
  • Electrical Technology– The Electrical Technology Program prepares students for various entry-level electrician positions for employment in industry and construction fields. The study of electrical theory in the class and practical execution of that theory in labs provide the foundation for the program.
  • Health and Wellness– The Health and Wellness Program focuses on preparing students for various entry-level health positions for employment in hospitals and healthcare facilities. The study of health in the classroom and practical application of that theory in labs provide the foundation for the program.
    The certification under this course is of a personal trainer. Accredited online healthcare degrees will help you to explore more.
  • Nursing– BSCTC offers a two-year nursing program. The program is based on upward mobility that provides a seamless education in nursing with two exit points, enabling the students to choose a career as an LPN, RN, or Both.
  • Respiratory Therapists– Respiratory Therapists Assess, treat, and care for all types of patients with breathing problems and difficulties. This disorder can range from premature infants to the elderly.

    Therapists provide oxygen therapy for patients who are short of breath and lacking oxygen as well as providing life support to patients who are unable to breathe. A separate admission process is required to be completed to be eligible for the Respiratory Care program.

    Electrocardiographic and Cardiac Monitoring Technician is the certification programs offered under it.
  • Surveying and Mapping Technology- This is a course for those who like to work in the environment and like to explore the environment. Surveyor is a great job to do. There are employment opportunities for them in agricultural firms, engineering firms, etc.
  • Educational Teacher preparation– The Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS) – Education: Educator Preparation is a path designed for students who want to begin coursework at a community and technical college and then register for transfer admission to a teacher education program at a four-year college or university.
    It can also be used to get into the workforce as a Teacher’s Aid; Full-Time Substitute; Instructional Aid as well as a Head Start or Preschool Teacher.
  • Welding Technology– This program offers the skills and knowledge necessary to find out the best welding technique needed for a particular project. Welding jobs are mainly concerned with surfacing, repairing, joining, and fabricating structures that are made up of different types of materials.

    In this program, an associate degree is available. A diploma is available in Combination Welder and certificates are available in ARC Cutter, ARC Welder, Gas Welder, Pipeline Welder, etc.
  • Human Services– The Human Services Program provides a great chance for students to gain the knowledge and skills essential for entry-level positions in agencies and institutions that provide basic needs, social, community, educational, and mental health services.

    If you gain a degree in it, then you can get jobs in health care and social assistance industries as well as in facilities that work for physically and mentally challenged people. 

So these are the courses that are offered by the Big Sandy Community and Technical college. As you can see the amount of flexibility in choosing the subject is immense here and most importantly there are many different types of options you can choose from. 

Now, we have discussed courses and features, it is time to give you details about costs and tuition fees.

Big Sandy Community and Technical College tuition
Big Sandy Community and Technical College tuition

Big Sandy Community and Technical College tuition – Fees

The College tuition and fees are very affordable.  It has convenient loan plans and scholarship programs. This makes sure that our services reach all the students, including those who belong to the marginalized sections. The Big Sandy Community and Technical College tuition fees are categorized into the following- 

For in-state students, the fee is $174 per credit hour. For out of the state students from contagious counties the fee is $348 per credit hour.  Contagious counties are those counties that border Kentucky. Out of State Students, other than those in contagious counties will have to pay $609 per credit hour. Also you can look for cheapest online college per credit hour for more information.

There is a mandatory fee of $8 per hour that every student will have to pay. 

We are proud to offer a wide range of scholarship programs. The scholarships are designed to fulfill the financial needs of the students. There are various types of scholarship funds that are available and there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled to be approved for those. 

Student Loans are also available in Big Sandy Community and technical college. The loans are processed through the new Federal Direct Loan Program. This means that these loans will be funded by the Department of Education instead of private lenders. Loans from the Department of education are student-friendly and have a low-interest rate.

Big Sandy Community and Technical college Pikeville ky –Enrollment Process 

If you want to become a part of the college, then you should enroll here and become a part of this family. The enrollment procedure differs based on the following categories:

  1. For First-Timers– For a freshman, the admission procedure in Big Sandy Community and Technical College Pikeville ky is as follows:
  • Submit the Application for Admission. It’s free, and it only takes about 15 minutes to complete.
  • Submit your final high school or GED transcript.
  • Send the record of your ACT or SAT scores or the results of placement testing.
  • Explore financial aid. Our generous scholarships, grants, and loans make a great education even more affordable. 
  1. Dual Credit Students– Participating in dual credit opportunities at Big Sandy Community and Technical College is a fantastic way to get a jump start on college. Dual Credit is a college-level program of study which allows a high school student to earn both high school and college credit after successful completion of the course.
  2. Returning Students– For those students who are returning to the college. Here is the procedure to apply-
  • Submit the application form, it is free of cost. It takes very few minutes to complete.
  • Send your final high school or GED transcript. Then you have to submit your SAT or ACT score.
  • Then you can explore scholarship and financial aid programs to minimize your cost.
  1. Transfer Students– You can apply as a transfer student in Big Sandy Community and Technical college if you have gained college credits from a different college or university. It is very easy to transfer to this college. You have to follow this procedure- 
  • First, you have to apply. There is no application fee and it is very easy to complete it.
  • Submit your official college documents. You can order these transcripts online or directly go to the college for collecting these records.
  • Submit your ACT or SAT scores. You can also submit the results of placement testing. Once you are done with it, you can look out for scholarship programs. 
  1. Online Learning– Online courses in Big Sandy Community and Technical College are designed to provide maximum flexibility to the students. Online classes and distance learning programs are great for those who have scheduling conflicts and who are in parenting duties. They are very convenient because through them you can gain knowledge from home.
    Moreover, they provide the same transfer and credits option as that of campuses. The application process is similar to the above-mentioned categories You have to submit your ACT or SAT scores or GED Transcripts. To know more check out benefits of online education.
  2. For Visiting Students– The College welcomes visiting students from other universities who want to do studies in this college. Visiting students have to follow this procedure for admission-
  • Submit the application for admission. There is no application fee.
  • Submit a Letter of Good Standing or official transcript from your current college. This will help you to find out which classes you should attend at this college. You can also take help from the registrar’s office at your current college.
Big Sandy Community and Technical College Pikeville campus
Big Sandy Community and Technical College Pikeville campus

Big Sandy Community and Technical College Pikeville campus

There are many student groups at BSCTC. These groups range from extracurricular activity groups to different types of societies. The Clubs and Organizations must follow the rules and regulations outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and comply with KCTCS Business Procedures.

Any student organization which wishes to use Big Sandy Community and Technical College Pikeville campus facilities must get him registered in the main office. There is a sports club, karate club, Criminal Justice Club, Christian Student Union, the Student organization of future teachers, etc.

There are tons of activities available for recreational purposes on the campus. It makes sure that in-between attending classes and intensive self-study, there is enough room for some fun. Various studies have shown the importance of extra-curricular activities in advancing the overall development of the student.  


Accreditation is very important. It gives assurance about the quality of the courses and it guarantees the reception of top-quality education. Big Sandy Community and Technical College are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate degrees. List of nationally accredited colleges have also been provided to check on similar accredited colleges.


The college acknowledges the importance of multi-culturalism in today’s world. That is why we support inclusivity, plurality, and diversity on our campus. Diversity also provides global exposure to the students.

The Big Sandy Community and technical college are one of the best colleges around the world. It has a great reputation and is known for providing the best education at affordable rates. The faculty is excellent and is up-to-date with the changes in the curriculum.

Big Sandy Community and Technical College
Big Sandy Community and Technical College

The tuition fee structure is designed in a very systematic manner in Big Sandy Community and Technical College. The payment methods are very flexible as well which ensures a lot of convenience to the students and their parents. The reviews and testimonials depict the unmatched quality, the college provides in education, accessibility, extra-curricular activities, etc.

So in the end, we just want to say that if you are getting an opportunity to get admitted here, do not miss it. The facilities here are excellent. In addition to that, the college is less costly, making it a very viable option for you. If you still have doubts, contact us for further assistance. Also find us at online schools near me for further assistance.