Bidbsee platform is a social crypto trading platform that offers extensive functionality for professional traders and new opportunities for beginners and those who are just starting their way into crypto trading.

Here is a complete review of the Bidsbee platform.

Bidsbee Functionality

The platform offers everything that a trader may ever need:

  • A trading terminal
  • The copy trading section
  • Trading bots
  • Trading signals

Trading Terminal

The Trading Terminal allows you to manage all your trading accounts on centralized exchanges from a single interface. The terminal expands the standard functionality of a centralized exchange by enabling users to place advanced order types, using a trailing function to adjust better to market conditions, and accessing all the tools needed for traders.

Using the terminal is very easy so that even complete beginners can handle it. And you can trade in the virtual balance mode. It allows you to test your strategy before risking real funds.

Copy Trading

The Copy Trading functionality is interesting to those who are making their first steps in crypto trading or don’t have enough time to monitor the market and place orders. Those who opt for copy trading, pick a Master trader to follow, subscribe to him, and his orders will be copied to your account automatically. 

Bidsbee allows you to manage your risks and potential losses. When you are selecting to copy the trades of somebody, you don’t use your entire balance. You allocate a specific sum for this activity. Additionally, you can set limits for potential losses that you are ready to bear with this trader. If the limit is reached, you are unsubscribed from the trader automatically, and his orders won’t be copied to your account anymore. This is done to protect you from excessive losses. 

Expert traders can register a Public trading profile and allow others to subscribe to them for a fee. 

Trading Bots

Trading bots are created for you if you prefer to automate your trading strategy. You pick the bots you want to use, set them up so that they match your strategy, and enjoy them working for you when the preset conditions are met. 

Trading Signals

Trading signals are an indispensable part of any trading strategy. Accurate and reliable trading signals from Bidsbee will notify you whenever the right moment to buy or sell comes and will help you to benefit from any opportunity. Signals are sent to Telegram. 

Academy and Support

Along with the technical functionalities, Bidsbee offers its users all the possible guidance and support. In the Academy section, you can find educational materials to learn more about the crypto market and the basics of trading. The Support section provides you with detailed guides on the Bidsbee functionality.

A Friendly Community

Bidsbee cryptocurrency trading platform also invites everybody to join the platform’s friendly community on Discord. There, you can follow the platform updates, read useful tips on trading, communicate with like-minded people, and share experiences and impressions. Also, Bidsbee is generous with discounts and promotions, and you can learn about them in the Discord channels, too.

Bidsbee Pricing

Bidsbee offers several packages so traders can choose the one that suits their needs and budget. The Basic package is offered for free. It allows you to access the main functionality of the platform, including Copy Trading. Other packages offer access to more functions and are offered at very reasonable prices. Additionally, users can benefit from discounts and special offers.

Why Choosing Bidsbee

Bidsbee offers beginners an opportunity to start earning on crypto trading with minimum risks. If you are a newbie, you can enter crypto trading by copying the orders of experienced traders and learning from them. You can also use a virtual balance mode to test your strategy before trading with real money. And you can benefit from extensive educational materials and by joining the Bidsbee community.

Expert traders can earn more thanks to the extensive functionality of the platform. They can also create Public Profiles and allow others to copy them for a fee. Subscription fees are set up by traders on their own, so you can have it as low or as little as you want.

The platform offers non-custodial services. It doesn’t store users’ funds. Thus, all your money is safe in your account on a centralized exchange.

Registering an Account

You don’t need to pass any KYC procedures to register an account on Bidsbee. All you need to do is provide your valid email address and set up a password. 

Should I Try Bidsbee?

Bidsbee is a platform for any trader, independently of your experience, background, and budget. It offers a comprehensive set of solutions for everybody. The platform is evolving constantly to meet the latest market demands and traders’ needs. In the future, the team promises to implement AI-based tools and machine learning to enable traders to benefit maximally in any market conditions.