Before choosing among the best game design colleges near me, a student should check if the program is helpful in meeting his or her goals. These game development programs promise a rewarding career in game designing. Around 400 US universities and colleges offer game design programs. Students can easily find some good colleges in their own state among these colleges. So, you see, all your ambitions can be fulfilled in just a click. Continue reading below to know more about the Professional Course.

game design colleges near me

game design colleges near me

Best game design colleges near me – Available Details

Even international students prefer colleges in the US to pursue game designing as a career. A good game design college helps students to

  • Obtain a post-secondary education
  • Get on-the-job training
  • Acquire amateur experience

Accredited game design colleges- Details

Students should do their research well. Consider following points before deciding on the best game design college near me

  • Read about each school to check the programs offered. Some schools only offer programs focusing on a single aspect of game design like video game art, or only programming or design. Some only offer certificates.
  • Research on the school’s reputation. The reputation of a school is a very important factor to consider. School’s placements, pass percentage, alumni, etc. should be well researched.
  • Check where their alumni work. If alumni are well placed and have successful careers, it shows that they were taught the right skills needed for this industry.

This kind of research seems tedious, but it is worth the time and effort. Let us have a look at some of the accredited game design colleges.

List of Game Design Colleges near Me

  1. Drexel University: Located in Philadelphia, it is one of America’s largest private universities. University’s College of Media Arts and Design offers B.S. in Game Design & Production and the B.S/B.A. in Computer Science with a concentration in Game Programming and Development (GMPD). 
  2. Michigan State University: It is a public research university based in Michigan. It offers BA/BS Degree in Media and Information, the BS in Computer Science, and the BA/BFA in Studio Art. The Game Design and Development Program at MSU is now ranked top 10.
  3. Champlain College:  Located in Burlington, it has been ranked as Most Innovative and the Game Designer Courses. Students can also pursue courses like Film Scoring, Audio Production, and Sound Design for Interactivity & Games.
  4.  Columbia College: Located in Chicago, it is an independent liberal arts college. The School of Media Arts offers many game-related specializations fit for any virtual world enthusiast. The Interactive Arts and Media Department at Columbia College offers bachelor’s degrees in Game Art, Animation, Programming, Game Design, Interaction Design Computer Animation, and Traditional Animation.

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