Audiologist schools – Audiologists need to earn a Doctorate from an accredited audiologist online schools before beginning their practice. The Doctorate in Audiology (AudD) is a graduate program of four years that you can enter into while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in any other field. However, for you to choose the best amongst many audiologists schools in California to apply for your Audiology studies, you will need to know about the best-known universities in the country affiliating the Audiology courses for Bachelors and Masters in Audiology. Please, have a look at the universities given below: Check out details about medical school online.

Audiologist schools
Audiologist schools

Audiologist schoolsList of the top schools in US

1. Vanderbilt University- This University was established in 1951. The Hearing and speech sciences graduate program of this university is ranked as number 1 among top schools for audiologist. Doctor of Audiology (AuD), Master of Education of the Deaf (MDE), Master of Science of Speech-Language-Pathology (MS-SLP), or Doctoral Degree programs (Ph.D.) are the available audiology courses in this school.

2. University of Iowa- This University is more than 60 years old; students are trained in speech pathology and Audiology. The various programs available are the Degrees in Clinical Doctorate in Audiology, Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology, Doctor of Philosophy, and a combined AuD/Ph.D.

3. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill- Audiology Program of this university is governed by the School of Medicine, because of its tie-up with North Carolina hospitals students get real experience in audiology and planting hearing aids. Programs available are Clinical Doctorate in Audiology, Masters of Science in Speech-Language-Pathology (MS-SLP) and Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Sciences.

4. University of Texas Dallas- The Doctor of Audiology program of this University is one of the first in the country. Course duration is four years. Students get exposure to clinical experience at various clinics, hospitals, and schools. Students said to have a 100 percent success rate on Praxis national examination.

5. University Of Washington- This University offers Doctor of Audiology program of 4 years. The course is designed as the first three years with classroom training to specialize in diagnosing and treating hearing disorders and last year students practice in full-time clinical setups. The employment rate is 100 percent.

6. Washington University in St. Louis- This Audiology School offers a Doctor of Audiology degree, and a degree in Master of Science in Deaf Education and a Doctor of Philosophy.

7. The University of Florida- This Audiologists schools offers graduate programs in Audiology and Speech-Language-Pathology accredited through accreditation of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Total course duration is four years and 125 hours with a breakup of 78 hours of coursework and 47 hours of clinical experience at campus only.

Schools for audiologist
Schools for audiologist

8. Northwestern University- This University gives admission to only 12 students in each year in the Doctor of Audiology program. Students get exposure to a mentored clinical research project. Passing rate is 100 percent, whereas the employment rate is 98 percent for this schools for audiologist in the past three years.

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