Advantages of Affordable Homeschooling Online

Affordable homeschooling online is a new but effective version of the traditional homeschooling. Homeschooling is a concept where kids learn in a home or other places, but not in a formal school. A parent or tutor plays the role of the teacher here. The syllabus and learning methodology is at the discretion of the tutor; however, everything has to be in accordance with government regulations applicable in that state.

Homeschooling has received wide acceptance by kids and parents. Online homeschooling is an advanced approach which stands at par with formal schooling. Various online resources are used for imparting high-quality education. Like other educational systems, this too comes with a set of its pros and cons; keep reading on to know more:

Pros of Online Homeschooling

  • Dual Benefits – The online curriculum combines the benefits of private schooling and homeschooling. In other words, you can get the best combination of both the education systems.
  • Flexible Timings – The affordable homeschooling online is a boon to working parents, thanks to the flexible study hours. Parents can log in to see the functioning of their ward, according to their work schedules.
  • Trained Teachers – Online homeschooling sessions are imparted by highly qualified and trained teachers. Both parents and kids can be benefitted with this program.
  • Customized Program – The educational program is customized according to the individual needs of the student. A program is designed as per the educational requirements of the student.
  • Anywhere classes – In this educational system, a student is not bound to attend regular school. The classes are just a click away. All you need to ensure is a good internet connection.

Problems faced in Online Homeschooling


  • Online homeschooling demands great adjustment from students and parents.


  • At times the parents are compelled to give up their career in order to be with their kids at home
  • This education system also sometimes takes a toll on the social lives of the students.

All of these problems can, however, be easily sorted with proper planning and practice.

Top 5 Online Homeschool Resources

  1. TED-Ed – TED-Ed needs no introduction! It allows you to design your own lesson program with the help of YouTube Videos, TED Talk or TED-Ed resources. This has been a number one resource for various homeschool students, parents, and teachers.
  2. Simple Homeschool – As the name suggests it is a website which is renowned for its simple learning getaways. Students enjoy reading, reviews, journals, giveaways, and blogs. This is a great source of inspiration for students and their families.
  3. Reading Eggs – You can now teach your kids with the help of innovative videos, songs, games and other interesting concepts with the help of mobile apps. It is one of the top 5 Online Homeschool Resources.
  4. Khan Academy – You can find interesting interpretations and lessons on almost every possible chapter or topic. You can brush your mathematics skills with very simple tricks. Many teachers refer to this website for teaching homeschool kids.
  5. Exploratorium – This is a very popular website designed exclusively for the students of San Francisco. They specialize in featuring lessons related to science and math. you can get numerable videos, free activities, printable and interactive resources on many topics.

The legal compliances for homeschooling in the US differ from state to state. Some states require a general notification that the students shall be hereafter while some states mandate the parents to submit the complete curriculum and study plan of the student.

Whatever the medium is, the motive should be to impart the best quality of education to kids! If you too are looking for Affordable Homeschooling online,