Accredited online paralegal certificate programs – Running out of time and money? Then this is the right choice for you to get enrolled in. You must have also seen many colleges and universities boasting of providing the best online law degree. Here you will get to know about top online paralegal programs one should opt for.

But, do you understand the meaning of paralegal degree programs online? What are the significant points to note about online paralegal certificate aba approved vs. non-ABA accredited paralegal certificate programs online? We will cover all that there is to know about accredited programs here, so let’s begin!

Accredited online paralegal certificate programs
Accredited online paralegal certificate programs

Accredited online paralegal certificate programs– Introduction

The American Bar Association or ABA is the heading body of all legal affairs in the United States. Since 1952, they have laid down different criteria based on which they accredit a certificate program. Every jurisdiction in the States recognizes the ABA-accredited paralegal certificate programs online or offline, and it gives leverage to the students during placement.

Online accredited paralegal certificate programs

The evaluation and approval process of ABA-accreditation is very rigorous, and so, the education imparted here is best in quality. When choosing between accredited online paralegal certificate programs, you should also consider other programs with ABA-approval. 

The common aba approved paralegal certificate online under the accredited paralegal degree online are:

  1. Associate’s degrees
  2. Bachelor’s degrees
  3. Post-degree certificates (post associate’s degree and post-bachelor’s degree)
  4. Minor certificates, taken with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree
  5. Graduate and professional certificate programs for advanced education

An ABA-approved paralegal program has to complete 60 hours of teaching, with an overall division of 36-semester credits. 18 credits are given for general education courses, and the rest are for legal specialty classes. Such an in-depth focus helps the students to understand the legal world more closely.

ABA accredited paralegal certificate programs online – Requirements

While this information is more critical for the paralegal school near me to consider, you should also know the reviewing and allocating criteria of aba accredited paralegal programs online. This way, you know the strong points of the university offering accredited online paralegal certificate programs. The top online paralegal certificate programs are as follows: 

  • The best online schools for paralegal studies must have a functional paralegal program for at least two years before applying for ABA-approval.
  • An exhaustive list of curriculum and the syllabus of the legal specialty coursework needs to be submitted.
  • ABA also reviews all the details of the faculty and advisory committee.
  • Upon meeting a satisfactory grade in all factors, ABA conducts an on-site evaluation of the department and the institution, before finalizing the accreditation.

Accredited paralegal certificate programs online – Features

When you go for paralegal certification near me programs, you are sure to have a good experience as their curriculum has been tried and tested by the professionals. Even internships and placements get easier and better when you belong to an aba approved online paralegal programs institution. 

The must-have features of the online paralegal certificate programs approved by the aba that set them apart are:

  • Helping the graduates find employment
  • Counseling the students throughout the curriculum to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Providing orientation to new batches for a formal introduction to the profession and paralegal job prospects
  • Best in class faculty with professional experience
  • Student support services, allotted by the government and the university

ABA accredited online paralegal certificate programs – Best Universities

While there are plenty of options to scour and choose the best online paralegal certificate program for yourself, here are some of the most well-rated ones. These 12 universities have made a mark in the legal sector with their quality contribution to students and professionals, alike:

  1. Rasmussen College
  2. University of Massachusetts Lowell
  3. Post University
  4. Lake Superior College
  5. American Public University System
  6. Florida International University
  7. Duke University
  8. Liberty University
  9. Hinds Community College
  10. Northwest Mississippi Community College
  11. Franklin Pierce University
  12. Ocean County College 
Best Online Paralegal Certificate Programs
Best Online Paralegal Certificate Programs

ABA accredited paralegal certificate programs online – Benefits

If you are still looking for the advantages of aba accredited online paralegal certificate programs vs. non-aba approved paralegal programs online, here is a quick look at the key points to remember.

  • Employers prefer an ABA-approved best online paralegal degree holder and are more likely to offer them a better salary package.
  • The curriculum is pre-approved by the Board, so you need not worry about the course structure.
  • Right after graduation, you are sure to land up an excellent job in a law firm, public or private organization.
  • If you know our area of expertise, you can get a pre-law specialization and start working in the same industry, after placement.
  • The ABA has a high standard and consideration of quality, so they only certify best online school for paralegal, but they are totally worth learning at.
  • Depending on the university, the program can take 2-4 years to be completed, as per your convenience.

Did you know that the demand for paralegals will skyrocket 22% by 2026, as per the data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA? Now is the best time to get in the field, grab a degree, and have your career started. For any queries related accredited online paralegal certificate programs, feel free to contact us. Find us at online schools near me for more information.