Accelerated Nursing Programs Houston offered by reputed educational institutions, the aspiring candidates can easily shape their career in the nursing field and become successful. Houston is a fantastic city to earn a nursing degree and practice as a medical assistant or a nurse through accelerated nursing program online. We have provided in depth analysis about all the available medical school online as well

Today, many hospitals and private medical care centers are requiring individuals who hold a BSN degree to practice as a nurse in their facilities. An accelerated nursing program is for candidates who already have a bachelors degree but want to pursue a career in nursing therefore its often called second degree nursing programs.

Accelerated Nursing Programs Houston
Accelerated Nursing Programs Houston

Accelerated Nursing Programs Houston-Objectives

The demand for nurses and medical assistants is increasing at a fast pace, and the accelerated nursing course programs are a great way to provide individuals with an opportunity to pursue a degree on a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) within just 12 months. These online programs offer in-class as well as online BSN courses to the students. The main objective of comprehensive accelerated nursing programs Houston is to allow the aspiring candidates to achieve a BSN degree from an accredited school and attain success in a career field that is dedicated to human care.

Accelerated nursing programs in Houston – Different types      

Now, let’s take a look at different accelerated nursing programs Houston that can help students to practice nurse professionally as well as deliver suitable nursing intrusions.

  1. Sugar Land Campus, Sugar Land, Texas offers a second degree BSN. It is basically an intensive, 12 months long full-time nursing program and it is specifically designed for the candidates who wish to become RNs or registered nurses. Individuals who already hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing can take up this small duration nursing program Houston in order to gain accreditation and enhance their future career prospects.
  2. West Texas A&M University is renowned for offering an intensive nursing program that focuses on teaching students to become leaders in the field of healthcare. This accelerated program can be completed in a time period of 11 months. However, students are required to complete certain prerequisite courses before submitting their application. WTAMU also helps students to receive up-to-date information on their nursing program courses and proceed accordingly.
  3. Hardin Simmons University is also considered the Shelton School of nursing because it offers a complete range of accelerated nursing program in Houston to the eligible candidates. Students that earn their BSN degree from Hardin Simmons University are considered to be true nursing generalists. The accelerated nursing programs offered here can be of great help to students in enhancing their communication skills and getting a better understanding of legal as well as professional healthcare standards.   
  4. Baylor University is also popular for offering an accelerated nursing program to the students who wish to shape their career in the healthcare industry. It takes as much as 10 months or 60 credit hours to complete this accelerated nursing program.
Houston accelerated nursing programs
Houston accelerated nursing programs

Houston accelerated nursing programs Top Colleges

The following are top-rated colleges and universities that offer accredited nursing programs to the aspiring candidates in the Houston city.

  1. Chamberlain College of Nursing, Houston Campus, Texas

One of the best nursing programs in the country. With the availability of smart online, distant learning options, and accredited staff members, it also promotes hands-on learning. The SIMCARE CENTER nursing labs help to train students with simulations of cardiac arrest, childbirth, and seizure scenarios.

      2. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

For accelerated nursing program houston this institute produces the top 5 percent of graduates for the country. Located in the world’s largest Texas Medical Center, it provides students access to the best resources, researches, and innovation in the medical field. 

The University offers various nursing programs such as 2 doctoral nursing degrees, specializations, etc. 

Some other top accelerated nursing programs providing institution in Houston are:

  1. San Jacinto College South
  2. The University of St. Thomas
  3. Lamar University
  4. Texas A&M University
  5. Abilene Christian University

Career opportunities for nursing graduates at Houston

Houston is predicted to have a shortage of around 60,000 RNs by the year 2030. The reason behind this deficit is the rapid increase in demand for nurses. 

Hence, graduates of accelerated nursing program houston are expected to have great job availability, security, and salaries. Moreover, graduated nurses can see massive career growth and numerous opportunities in the industry at Houston. 

If you are looking to pursue a nursing program and want to get the best possible job available in the Houston area. Then the most asked nursing job in the Houston area is of the nurse practitioner. It can offer you more career flexibility, access to underserved areas of work, lucrative opportunities, and better career challenges. 

For anyone aspiring to follow a career in the healthcare industry as a nurse, Houston may just be the best place to receive education and gaining work experience. 

There are various paths you can take in your nursing career at Houston. Many follow the teaching path in the future as the demand for qualified learned professionals for teaching is on the rise as well.

So you can get one of the best learning experiences at accelerated nursing programs houston and one of the best career options at the same time.

Compensation for nurses in Houston

Compensation for nurses in Houston

Compensation for nurses in Houston

Houston sees one of the highest annual average wages for nurses in the country. Even nurses who haven’t got graduation to get a salary between 47,000 USD to 81,000 USD. 

However, for nurses who graduated from accelerated nursing programs houston, the story is quite different as they are compensated in the range of 53,000-120,000 USD. The highest paying job of a nurse practitioner sees a salary of 100,00 USD to 140,000 USD annually.   

To get a detailed overview of the jobs and their annual average here is a list.

  • Registered Nurses: 

Houston- 75,340 USD, Texas- 67,570 USD, Nationwide- 66,640 USD 

  • Nurse Anesthetists: 

Houston- 160,760 USD, Texas- 155,590 USD, Nationwide- 153,780 USD

  • Nurse-Midwives: 

Houston- 100,330 USD, Texas- 102,550 USD, Nationwide- 96,970 USD

  • Nurse Practitioners: 

Houston- 106,240 USD, Texas- 100,270 USD, Nationwide- 95,350 USD

  • Licensed Vocational Nurses: 

Houston- 46,200 USD, Texas- 43,950 USD, Nationwide- 42,490 USD

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