Accelerated Bachelors Degree Programs for Adults, who are working, that can be completed in lesser time than a typical bachelors degree. Regular college classes are 16 weeks each and are conducted twice in a year through fall and spring semesters. These programs can be completed in five, eight or 10-week sessions covered within 12 to 18 months. So these programs cover the same syllabus in shorter duration. We have provided in depth analysis about all the available bachelor program as well.

Admission Requirements

These fast-paced programs have more rigorous admission requirements compared to a regular program. Minimum GPA scores, college credits, work experience or an associate’s degree are often required to enroll in an accelerated bachelors degree programs for adults.

Students can earn credits from their ongoing college program, or from test outs like CLEP. Some programs allow students credit for their work experience. The program length can be easily reduced by earning additional credits. Admission requirements also vary depending on the colleges and the courses.

accelerated bachelors degree programs for adults
accelerated bachelors degree programs for adults

Accelerated Bachelors Degree Programs for Adults– Benefits

  • Students can earn their degree faster
  • Boosts the resume
  • Students can start their degree program whenever is convenient without waiting for regular semesters to begin.
  • Students can earn additional credits and move quickly through the coursework.
  • Continuous learning without long breaks
  • Students can set their own schedules
  • Affordability

Types of Accelerated Degree Programs

  • 8 Week Courses: They focus mainly on two courses at a time and do not follow the semester/quarter system.
  • Flexi choice and Hybrid Programs: Combines course based learning with competency testing. A bachelors program can be finished in as fast as 18 months. These are often online programs.
  • Combined Accelerated Degree Programs: Combines bachelors and Masters degree in the same field.

Cheap Accelerated Bachelors Degree Programs for Adults – The Best Ones

Accelerated Degree Programs for Working Adults
Accelerated Degree Programs for Working Adults
  • Thomas Edison State College: It is one of the oldest schools for adult education. Offers an accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. This college provides quick and easy online degrees
  • Northeastern University: It offers combined accelerated degree programs called PlusOne bachelors/masters degree programs allowing students to complete their masters with bachelors in just one more additional year by allowing them to use their bachelor’s credit for both the programs. This college offers fastest online degree completion programs.
  • Arizona State University: It allows students to complete their bachelors in 3 years or less under the accelerated programs. It offers accelerated bachelors in a number of fields like Accountancy, Actuarial Science, Engineering, Applied Biological Sciences, Applied Sciences, Arts etc.
  • University of Wisconsin: It offers online cheap accelerated bachelors degree programs for adults and allows students to complete the course into 3, 7,8,10 or 12-week format. These programs are competency-based education programs called UW Flexible option, which focus on what students already know. The more they know the faster they are able to complete. Some popular programs are Bachelors of Science in Information and Technology, UW flexible option RN to BSN etc.  This college helps by offering accelerated online degree programs for working adults.
  • Liberty University: It offers 3 plus 1 Accelerated Business Sequence Program which allows students to start their masters after the third year. Students can continue the program on campus or take up the remainder online.

This is a brief overview of accelerated bachelors degree programs for adults. Working professionals have many choices to complete their higher education along with their professional commitments. For more information, provide your details in the form given below.

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