3 Major Components Of Criminal Justice System: As society advances, it stands to reason that it will want to reduce if not remove all crime from it. To do so, you have to utilize the 3 major components of this system. You can also go through our page law school to know more about legal profession.

For those who do not know what they are, here is a small list for you –

  1. Law enforcement
  2. Courts
  3. Corrections 

Together, these 3 form the backbone of the criminal justice system of the country. As per common beliefs, they are interchangeable and similar. However, the reality is far from this. Despite a few similarities, these 3 Major Components Of Criminal Justice System have little in common between them. With that being said, let us now take a deeper look at them. One can also check details about best criminal justice program for more clarification.

3 Major Components Of Criminal Justice System
3 Major Components Of Criminal Justice System

3 Major Components Of Criminal Justice System – Role of law enforcement

Law enforcement, as the name suggests, involves enforcing the law. Law enforcement agents include –

  1. Policemen
  2. FBI agents
  3. DEA agents

The prime function of this law enforcement personnel is to maintain the law and order situation of the country. Oftentimes, without them, the law and order situation rapidly deteriorates and there is widespread anarchy. 

Branches of criminal justice system Role of the courts

Courts are the segment of the criminal justice system which is used to make sure that law are upheld and followed. They usually consist of –

  1. Judges
  2. Lawyers

Judges and lawyer are indispensable if justice is to be dispense to the plaintiffs and the accuse. Without them, the rule of law cannot be upheld.

What should you know about the 3 major components of criminal justice system

Criminal justice is a very complex area, but there is a range of features that most practitioners in criminal justice share in common. In this area, it takes a certain kind of person to excel, and unless you have a certain set of skills, you can find yourself struggling.

Those who enter the profession come with preconceived ideas and think they have what it takes, just to get frustrated and frustrated. That’s why it’s important that you do some introspection before embarking on this career path and making a good evaluation of your personality style.

Before we discuss in detail the 3 major components of criminal justice system, ask yourself whether you are ready to succeed. Here are some of the features and qualifications needed for criminal justice to succeed.

  • Patience
  • Integrity 
  • A willingness to learn

Being patient

A lot of paperwork and politics are involved with criminal enforcement, and you will have to partner with several departments. This could involve waiting and coping with bureaucracy for procedures. You might have to wait months for some legal procedures, trials, court rulings, and arrests as a psychologist, law officer, or solicitor.

Many that cross the line are also impatient persons, which could lead to major consequences. So, if you’re an impulsive individual, then this field is certainly not for you. That does not say, though, that persistence is a skill that you can not grow yourself. To become a more patient person, here are some of the things you should do:

  • Know how circumstances should be reframed 
  • Practicing appreciation 
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Learn to Meditate 
  • Apply strategies for proper breathing 

More specifically, in your daily life, strive to consider the implications of being impatient and the rewards of restraint. Only by being more conscious and aware of circumstances and observing the responses to them can you do that.


For someone thinking about joining the industry, this is probably the most critical characteristic. If you want to be on top of the 3 major components of criminal justice system, you must hone your integrity.

You not only need to be on the right side of the rules, but you also need to be able to set down your personal prejudices. Integrity is what will win you the loyalty of your employers, executives, and the persons you represent. The people who have a greater chance of being welcomed by their society are elected servants with honesty.

Inmates are respected by guards with integrity, police officers are respected by the public with integrity, and prosecutors with integrity achieve a positive reputation. The law, and not their own views and values, must be applied by the police and courts.

Willingness to learn 

If you thought you were involved in something like law enforcement, know that if you want to retain your license in some jurisdictions, continuing education is really necessary. As an investigator or criminal justice specialist, the more you read, the more you will be able to understand criminal activity and the reasons behind it.

Even, remember that through online courses, continuing your education is now simpler than ever. Today, when you hold your job, you can get a degree from an online criminal justice associate’s program. This would make it easier for you to be more well-rounded and improve the potential for promotion. Not just that, but you may be able to operate in a wide number of sectors.

Here’s some of the stuff that you’ll learn in a class for criminal justice associates:

  • The departments engaged in the administration of justice and the mechanism 
  • Ethics applicable to criminal justice 
  • Criminology                                        
  • Social science 
  • A critical review of the US system of criminal justice 

You may serve as a private detective, a corrections officer, or open the door to a future in criminal law with an associate’s degree.

Others seek to become or turn to activism as social workers. For someone who needs a better view of the justice system, this is a perfect degree. Now, let us learn more about the 3 major components of criminal justice system.

What is the role of corrections?

Corrections are essentially use to separate criminal from society and allow them to be rehabilitate. Their main job is to make sure that the offender are closely monitored while in prison or other rehabilitative programs. 

Corrections usually involve the following jobs –

  1. Parole officer
  2. Prison officer
  3. Prison guard

These jobs are particularly important if one is to successfully rehabilitate and reintegrate criminals into society. Without them, the criminal justice system will turn into a punitive system rather than a rehabilitative one. 

How much can you earn within the criminal justice system?

Once you have entered the criminal justice system, there is quite a lot of scope to grow both professionally and financially. Here is a quick rundown of how much you will earn on average if you opt for a career in criminal justice –

  1. FBI agent – Average salary 65,000 USD
  2. Lawyer – Average salary 120,000 USD
  3. Judge – Average salary 134,000 USD
  4. Police officer – Average salary 54,000 USD
  5. Parole officer – Average salary 44,000 USD

What is more important than the salary is the job security provide within these 3 Major Components Of Criminal Justice System. The criminal justice system operates independently of the market. So even if there are huge market fluctuations, the criminal justice system jobs remain safe for the most part. 

So if you are looking for a long and rewarding career with little job insecurity, then the criminal justice system is the perfect place for you to ply your trade. Student who are willing to pursue career in their respective field may go through what jobs can you get with a criminal justice degree.

3 stages of criminal justice system

In order to enter the criminal justice system as a professional, you need to have a degree in any criminal justice course out there. Since there are quite a few of these courses out there, we can’t be expected to cover all of them. However, we will be mentioning the most popular course in each of the 3 Major Components Of Criminal Justice System –

  1. Criminal Justice Associate Degree for Court
  2. Homeland Security Associate Degree for Law enforcement
  3. Bachelor’s in Public Safety and Security for Corrections

You can attain these degrees through the traditional educational means as well as through online courses. The cost of these courses is as follows –

Criminal Justice Associate Degree

  1. Traditional education – 21,000 USD per year
  2. Online courses – 4,200 USD per semester
  3. Homeland Security Associate Degree –
  1. Traditional education – 20,000 USD per semester
  2. Online courses – 4,000 USD per semester
  3. Bachelor’s in Public Safety and Security – 300 USD per credit

So it would suffice to say that most of these degrees are extremely affordable. And in case you are someone with financial constraints or poor health, then you can easily opt for the online courses. Just make sure that the universities have the necessary certification!

3 major components of criminal justice system essay

A lot of people enter the criminal justice system as professionals because they are passionate about the system as a whole. Others enter it for the lucrative financial options and job stability. There is nothing wrong with either approach and as long as you are doing a decent job at it, there will be no complaints as well. You may also check details about free online paralegal courses to acquire adequate knowledge.

However, apart from personal gains and ambitions, the criminal justice system allows one to impact the society as a whole. You never know what difference you might make. It will be something that you will only realize in hindsight. In the criminal justice system, you get to help shape the future of this country. 

What is the purpose of the criminal justice system
What is the purpose of the criminal justice system

What is the purpose of the criminal justice system-Aim of this system

Since we have been guiding you to enter the criminal justice system, it makes sense for us to tell you about its goals as well. The main aim of the criminal justice system is to provide –

  1. Fair adjudication
  2. Retribution
  3. Deterrence
  4. Rehabilitation
  5. Restoration

There are a lot more thing that can be add to this list. However, for now, we will go with the more well known ones. These are quite important for the smooth functioning of the society as a whole and to uphold the rule of law. Without this, the rule of law will quickly crumble and anarchy will take over the country.

So, with all of this being said, we hope that we have provide you with quite a bit of insight into the 3 major component of criminal justice system as the 3 main pillars of it. If you are someone who wants to enter the criminal justice system, then you should totally go for it. And in case you need any assistance to do that, hit us up! For further information visit us at Online schools near me.