12 Months Masters Program online is the desired program to choose from wide array of courses to move ahead in your career. If you want to bring new opportunities to your plate and find a rise in your salary package, opting for these online master degree programs, seem to be a great idea. There are a plethora of disciplines, and you can select any one of them, to bring a change in your career.

12 Months Masters Program Online
12 Months Masters Program Online

12 Months Masters Program Online – Types of programs


It is known to all that there is a significant shortage in the total count of qualified nurses in the United States. As you complete your master’s degree in nursing, you will be able to shape your career in no time and become managers. These courses will offer the prerequisite skills in streamlining the communication and technological systems and tackling the administrative issues. Low tuition fees, flexible timings, fast-track pacing, happen to be some of the common factors owing to which people prefer choosing these nursing masters online programs.


This course tops the list of 12 months masters program online or one year masters programs USA. By choosing this course, you will be able to augment the skills in the journalism sector in an effective manner. These courses also enhance the analysis and research skills in order to reach the multiple audiences. You will learn ways for the development of plans for your audience and several channels. It is possible to craft the campaign management in a perfect manner by choosing these programs. You can make a noticeable difference in the campaign impacts by selecting these online masters programs.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Organizations of different sizes and shapes look for logistics and supply chain management professionals who have the capability of producing the economic forecasts and leveraging the consumer data. By choosing 12 months masters program online or online masters programs in Logistics and supply chain management, you can contribute towards the organizational structure. You will be able to accomplish the career goals within an exclusive budget by choosing these masters online courses.

Sports administration

Sports management have earned high popularity in the present days owing to the growing interest of people in health and fitness. If you are ready to pursue your career in physical education, athletic coaching, sports marketing, athletic department, you can go for 12 month masters program online in sports administration. You will be able to withdraw a handsome salary as you enter the job market by choosing these online masters programs.

Information technology

If you have a bachelors degree in information technology, you will be able to make an entry into the job market as an IT professional. However, if are looking for a boost in your career and looking for a managerial position, opting for the 12 month masters program online in information technology is a great option. You will be able to strengthen your knowledge in the field of IT by selecting these programs.

Online masters degree – List of colleges

The under given colleges stand out of the ordinary in providing online masters programs:

  • University of Alabama
  • University of Massachusetts
  • National University

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