Online Doctoral Programs in Education without Dissertation is a new way of doing this is to opt for one of the many accelerated. One needs to go far beyond the Undergraduate Degree to be able to carve their space in research in Education or for building a career in teaching at the College/ University level. We have also provided in depth analysis about all the available Master Degree as well.

What is an Online Doctoral Programs in Education Without Dissertation?

Students pursuing a Doctor of Education degree are required to demonstrate their grasp over the concepts within the specific discipline. The traditional method to assess students to prove they have actually earned the title used to be lengthy dissertations with or without oral defense. One can also explore online masters degrees in education to enhance their job stability.


online doctoral programs in education without dissertation
Online Doctoral Programs in Education Without Dissertation

Online Doctoral Programs in Education Without Dissertation – Steps

But lately, schools have diverged in how they choose to test students, in an attempt to be distinct from a more traditional and rigorous Ph.D. in Education that is research theory-oriented.
1 year phd programs online may be pursued by interested ones..
It is a Five-chapter paper to exhibit the skills of the student – whether they are capable of conducting original research.

6 Easy steps would be to:

1. Topic Selection – After exhaustive research, students zero in on a topic that revolves around a problem educators face.

2. Proposal – Didactic coursework and research classes go into writing the Opening Chapters of the dissertation. This serves as the introduction which defines the problem the dissertation aims to answer, a literature review, and also a research methodology used for finding the answer.

3. Defending the Proposal – This involves the student presenting the work, the committee giving feedback, and together making sure the research is significant. Relevant works must also be mentioned in the literature review.

4. Research – When the proposal gets approved – with or without any necessary tweaking – students can now go on about to actually research the problem in great detail.

5. Writing the actual Dissertation – The final two chapters must be crafted now – the first details the findings, while the other analyses the meaning of the findings. This is to explore the research findings and their possible applications.

6. Defense of the Dissertation –
The dissertation needs to be presented, with notes from the committee incorporated. This counts as the final submission which is mandatory for the graduating class. One may also check about what can i do with a degree in project management.

Online Doctoral Programs in Education – Significance of Doctorate degree in education?

Skipping the traditional dissertation led to two alternatives that help students prove their mettle towards improving the discipline.

Dissertation in Practice

An alternative to dissertations was conceptualized after 2000 by the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate consortium. The aim was to make Ed.D more relevant to educators and not researchers.

Basic Idea: To take a “problem of practice” – an obstacle faced by stakeholders in education, and to try to make it better.

Topic : Provides a broad Project topic area/title.

Literature Review : primary points are subjected in the form of points.Such as

. Background of the problem/gap and the need for the project based on recitation from the literature

. Theoretical Foundations( Models and Theories)to be the foundation of project. For the queries of universities related to Online doctoral programs in education without dissertation, you may look for Doctoral Degree North Central University.

Phd without dissertation title
Phd without dissertation title

Phd without dissertation title

A name for some Dissertations in Practice, Capstone Projects aka Culminating Projects aka Applied Inquiry Project deal with a problem in the student’s workplace and how to create a workable solution for the same.

Basic Idea: Project using any variety of medium along with a report explaining the process followed.

Capstone Project Steps:

  • Foundational coursework to teach students how to conduct research; helps students choose a Capstone Project topic & learn the tools they need to apply
  • Meeting advisors to better address the topic they want to highlight, determine a method approach, defining the deliverable, developing the timeline and gathering committee responsible for reviewing Capstone upon completion
  • Drafting a written report that explains the process followed, a problem statement, describe the deliverable, etc.
  • Defending the proposal for the committee to sign off the proposal
  • Collecting & analyzing data, evaluating the research required to complete the Capstone.
  • Defending the research findings.
  • Producing a deliverable at the end of it.

Although some have doubts about the core value of programs such as Online Doctoral Programs in Education Without Dissertation that do not include dissertation, the changing landscape of education must be borne in mind and how that affects the methods Universities use to assess knowledge and learning. Higher education is constantly changing and what matters is if you have something to gain from the program you opt for. You can also go through online masters in education programs as it involves a full-time study or distance learning.

Why do an Online Ed.D  Program?

The very many benefits to getting a Online Doctoral Programs in Education Without Dissertation include:

  • Richer scope of job opportunities
  • Higher salary packages from prospective employers
  • Increased expertise in your subject matter

It can be a really time-consuming affair especially with working professionals trying to balance work, home life, and education all at the same time. Thus, colleges across the US are coming up with 1-year online programs that you can pursue to complete a doctoral degree without having to complete a dissertation. It is a more efficient method for many students to boost their credentials.

The added benefits of an online program are:

  • No need to relocate
  • Continue with job
  • Time for breaks needed to attend orientations or personal vacation
  • No disturbance to career or financial trajectory

Before opting for any, the research requirements, compulsory assignments, time to be given, etc must all be taken into account.

Doctorate Degree In Education

  • Education Leadership & Administration
  • Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
  • Reading, Literacy, & Assessment
  • Higher Education Leadership & Management
  • Community College Leadership
  • Special Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Higher Education and Adult Learning

The Doctoral degrees offered are specifically targeting professionals already working in their chosen field and are now looking forward to programs where applied research projects are offered as a substitute for conventional dissertation.  This helps them juggle both their current job as well as sync the advanced research requisite to further their passion projects, not to forget the added credentials they receive thereafter.

While opting for an Online Program in Education that does not require a dissertation, the students can also choose from more specializations such as:

  • Personalized and Competency-based Instruction
  • Early Childhood
  • K-12 Studies
  • Educational Technology

One has to be careful to go for a degree program and specialization that sits well with your lifestyle, prior commitments, and long-term career goals in this types of courses like Online Doctoral Programs in Education Without Dissertation. If you’re wondering whether a degree in project management is right for you, then you need to continue reading this article what can i do with a degree in project management.

Ph.D. Vs Ed.D in Education

Ph.D. Vs Ed.D in Education

Ph.D. Vs Ed.D in Education

Ph.D. in Education: Perfect for you if you are interested in furthering a career in academics or trying out for research positions in Universities/ military/ government organizations.  Since it is founded in research, a traditional dissertation is a must that students must complete.

Ed.D: Here the focus is on past and present developments in the field, into developing newer models that could be implemented nationally/ internationally. The work revolves around preparing students to be able to work in a classroom or handle administrative work in school districts. Thus, a dissertation is not a must and quite many schools are now offering an online Ed.D without any dissertation requirements. The doctorate degree in education as important as the completion of courses of Online Doctoral Programs in Education Without Dissertation.


An advanced level degree in Education is a big game-changer that helps you open up bigger and better doors in career growth, personal development, and research capabilities. Since a lot of American colleges are now offering Online Doctoral Programs where you do not need to submit a Dissertation, you are free to continue your education without the hassle of massive research papers.

For any more questions regarding Online Doctoral Programs in Education Without Dissertation, feel free to contact us at any time with your queries. We are here to help in your journey to get a Doctoral degree. One can visit our homepage Online Schools Near Me to get all the desired information.