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Education programs have been in huge demand over the past many years in the New York City. One of the many reasons for their prevalence is the availability of abundant job opportunities. People with a bachelor’s degree can choose to have masters in education NYC to become fully qualified teachers and enjoy well-facilitated job offers. It is an undeniable fact that aspirants with masters in education are open to a wide range of job opportunities with huge payouts.

However, many students still doubt the benefits of joining masters in education NYC. This post is meant to clear all those confusions and to highlight the advantages of taking masters in education in New York.

Why Choose Masters in Education NYC?

Here is a list of compelling reasons with stats and figures that specify the benefits of having a masters degree in education in the New York City:

  •    High Salaries:  A fresher with bachelors in education can earn up to $54,000, whereas a post graduate with masters in education can make about $60,700 per year. This amount increases with experience and can rise to as high as $80,000 a year. Hence, students with a masters degree in education enjoy high salaries even with no prior experience in teaching.
  •    Skill Improvement: Enrolling in a master’s degree helps the aspirants to enhance their existing skills and transform into much better trainers with advanced teaching skills.
    Broader Job Opportunities: Teachers with a master’s degree in their hands can grab excellent job opportunities with high payouts. Not only this, but graduates with masters in education NYC can also go for other job opportunities apart from teaching. They can work as education consultants, trainers, researchers, textbook writers or in non-profit organizations related to education. All these offers have commendable payouts.

Not only does a master’s degree benefits the aspirant in terms of earning a living, but will also be beneficial for the students he/she may teach; because being taught by a fully certified teacher is more
rewarding and can produce excellent results.

The masters in education courses offer many specializations to choose from. Find some of the most common fields chosen by students:

  •      Early childhood education
  •      Higher education
  •      Elementary education
  •      Physical education trainer
  •      Arts trainer
  •      School administration
  •      Special education

These fields top the list when compared to others in the long list. Whatever area of specialization one may want, the quality of teaching and learning wholly depends upon the University a student opts for. So here’s a list of top Universities offering both online and on-campus masters in education NYC:

List of Universities Offering Masters in Education in the New York City:


  •      The City College of New York
  •      Hunter College
  •      Brooklyn College
  •      Queens College


  •    Arkansas State University
  •    Capella University
  •    Grand Canyon University
  •    Saint Joseph’s University

To know more about these Universities and the process of acquiring masters in education NYC, pl, contact us.


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