How long is respiratory therapist school?

How long is respiratory therapist school?

If you want to shape your career as a respiratory therapist and you’re wondering how long is respiratory therapist school, then you need to read this article carefully. In times where chronic diseases and ill health are prevalent all over the World, the necessity of skilled medical practitioners is increasing dominantly.

Talking about respiratory illnesses in particular, over time, people are getting more prone to various types of lung diseases, which, in turn, calls for the demand of respiratory therapists in the USA. For all those individuals who are interested in finding a career in this field, the primary concern is in regards to how long is respiratory therapist school. The answer to this question lies in understanding the educational process in this profession.

This post consists of all the crucial details you must know about this field of medicine. Let’s begin:

How long is respiratory therapist school?

It is possibly your passion to save lives or the desire to grab a financially secure career that brought you to the decision of moving ahead on this path. And you are now eager to know how to become a respiratory therapist and how long will it take to turn into a certified practitioner.

The primary requirement is to acquire quality education in this field. You must enroll in any of the following two programs to proceed further:

  • A 2-year Associate degree
  • A 4-year Bachelor’s degree

Having either of the two degrees will qualify you to take the next step in the journey, which is of becoming a certified and licensed therapist. To do so, you have to pass a multiple-choice examination held by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NRBC), after which, you will earn the credential of either an entry-level Certified Respiratory Therapist(CRT) or advanced-level Registered Respiratory Therapist(RRT), based on your score.

By considering the above requirements, we can understand that an aspirant would, at the maximum, require four years to complete his education and become a certified therapist. However, if you go with an Associate’s degree, the process will naturally shorten, but having a bachelor’s will bring along a lot of advantages for you in the long run.

Since it is a 4-year long process, many students question is the respiratory therapy program hard. The answer to this lies in the passion you possess towards the career. Though the journey may seem long, it is worth every effort you put in.

Top schools that offer Respiratory Therapist Programs

  1. University of Kansas – This educational institution offers a bachelor’s degree course in respiratory care. This program is mainly available for students who’ve already completed their undergraduate and hold a bachelor’s degree. The University of Kansas allows students to complete online respiratory therapy programs in as less as 14 weeks.
  2. Georgia State University – This well-known college of health and human sciences offers a bachelor’s degree program in respiratory therapy to the aspiring candidates. With the main topics of this degree course involves respiratory care pharmacology, pulmonary diagnostics, ventilator support, and long term respiratory care, students can complete this degree course program in less than 1 year.
  3. University of Alabama – This school of health professions allows students to pursue a bachelor’s in respiratory therapy. This program is a four-year program that includes two-years of pre-professional respiratory therapy studies and two years of professional training. Being the 17th best medical school in the country, the University of Alabama can easily help you to shape your career in the field of respiratory therapy.   

So, if you sincerely aim to step into the field of respiratory therapy and you’re wondering how long is respiratory therapist school, then fill out the contact form below to get more information.